Nigeria after 2015: Regressing or moving forward?

May 18, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Ogunniyi Abayomi

Change was the enchanting statement of the masses in Nigeria at the last general election. A radical, ideological, emotional and poltical movement of the masses was implemented, clamouring for a new regime and a new breed of politicians to oust the past administration for the next four years in power.

Change was the voice the masses roared against the past administration, expressing their disatisfaction towards their performance while they were in power.

Protest of many strides were staged within the geographical zones of the country over the selection of parties and individuals to represent the public as they occupy different political posts. They are elected by the masses with the objective of actualising their promises as they serve the nation, which is a symbol of democracy.

Political aspirants revealed and promised to work by the standard and constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The masses were impressed at their eloquence and detailed presentation of their manifestos, amidst the social issue we decried against, much of which were insecurity, lack of power and unemployment among our youths, among the challenges the government promised to tackle.

The elections were conducted and we picked the candidate of our choice to be our national leader, to stand as our representative fighting for our needs, implementing the policies favourable to the masses.

An incumbent administration was sworn in to rule over our political affairs in the country, yet we are confused, we are busy juxtaposing the incumbent with the past administration because of the crises that becloud the society.

The activities and events that have embroiled Nigeria create a state of doubt and negative esteem towards the political leaders appointed by the electorate. Detesting the approach of governance rather than seeking an alternative, yet we seek what we never understood and are acquainted with.

Change is a tough era we are struggling to cope with, the situation never pleasant, but hard, whereby to live is always tough. It’s a collective responsibility we fail to accept, we never projected the cost of struggle nor are we prepared for pain, corruption having endangered our economy to the point of destabilising the monetary value of our currency. The reality is clearly evident, we want it but we dont fight, work and struggle for it. but we want it on the easy slate.

Nigeria is a country blessed with human and natural resources yet to harness our potential is rather a punishment of hardship than effort of creating. We want to bear the pressure yet we neither produce or proffer a solution.

It is rather a satire and parody of a nation who seek to abort this controversy. How long shall we be deceived that we are clustered away by their speech rather than tell our state of living that our feet may find their abode of comfort.

If petrol was our main threat of survival, why do we neglect other sectors of the economy from booming. Our energy sector and power has totally lost its efficiency, we dont regard their importance yet we wail for change.

We must face reality while we strive to improve the condition of our country. Our nation is in a negative state whereas only its society stands to fight for its legacy.









Ogunniyi Abayomi

Ogunniyi Abayomi was born July 11, 1991 in the city of Lagos, where he resides. A poet and essayist whose works have been published in various journals.


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