May 20, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Amore David Olamide



Agbalumo (Star-Apple)



Staring apples pallid skin

Prompting children’s noble grins

Lambing more than darling beau

Agbalumo blandish fruit.


Honeyed fruit with creamy string

Flattering tongue in sweeten twist

Mulling more than candy sweet

Agbalumo beguiling.


Milky berries dilly yield

Tempting lids from hefty tree

Comfit more than coaxing girl

Agbalumo cherry things.


Treacle drupe the angel want

Glowing like a rainbow buff

Tendering beaut the demons hunt

Searching one in human sod.


Fawning infant Fawning men

Drawing ladies drawing girls

Luring people conserve gear

To its tree to pluck from there.


What we deary rob on ground

Hoping well it’s taste will ripe

What we keep it lulu seed

Breaking it to make earring.


What got stole in market place

What was seen with royal maid

What the king rely says

Let me have a sucking taste.


What a mother bought from tray

Plenty in a garnish pail

Having neighbours cheering hails

Opting dance in curious ways.


Not the hype of mango’s taste

Not pineapple’s adulate

Not the apple not the grape

Not cassava’s roasted flakes.


Not the orange’s succulent

Not banana’s pleasantness

Not the scent of lemon’s zest

Not cucumber’s resplendence.


Not the slices of carrot grains

Not the pear not the maize

Not coconut mystic ace

Agbalumo suit my taste.


What can burn an excess fat

What scientist testified

What Nigerians subtly laud

Luminous fruit for Africans.


Agbalumo ageless fruit

Dwelling well in annual croon

Never rotten never soar

Never lost its lofty mull.









Amore David Olamide


Amore David Olamide,  is a revolutionary columnist and a poet that writes literally in parabolic style, orature genre and see scenes in epical dynamism of traditional epilogues, eulogies and captivating artistic poetry, in coded fashion.


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