South Sudan Minister resigns accusing Governor of corruption

May 25, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Dukhan Jundit

Following the appointment by South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit of new cabinet ministers for the Unity government, the Terekeka State Minister of Information on Monday resigned his post.

Modi Lomindi Ajuangico said he quit due to corruption and nepotism the Governor Juma Ali Malou made in the state.

In a post Modi published on his facebook page, he accused Governor Juma of appointing his relatives and associates to key state government posts, creating a power imbalance in the cabinet.

Modi, who represented Terekeka North in the state legislative assembly, alleged that Juma has appointed his own brother Daniel Ali to state parliament and appointed his associated to State Security and Economic Advisors.

He also alleged that state Secretary General is one of the posts Governor Juma gives to his associates in the state. Modi added that other counties were not represented in state political posts due to corruption and nepotism the Governor made.

The Governor has not yet made any response to any media outlets in South Sudan regarding the Modi allegations.




Elsewhere, South Sudan’s Minister of Petroleum Hon Dak Duop Bichiok said that oil production will be increased in July this year.

Hon Dak also revealed that the ministry has formed a technical committee of 21 people led by Under-Secretary Mohamed Lino to implement the increase in oil barrels numbers per day.

Previously 300,000 barrels was the daily amount before the cvil war, but since 2013 the output has dropped to 165,000 barrels per day, this mainly being due to the closure of oil fields in Unity state and insecurity in the area.

Minister Duop, a SPLM IO member, was a former minister from Sudan and also served as Governor for the Upper Nile state before the split of Sudan and South Sudan for eight years.

South Sudan’s economy depends mostly on oil as 98% is currently generated automatically from this.







Dukhan Jundit

Dukhan is a freelance journalist in South Sudan having contributed to numerous publications and worked as News Editor for InterNews Radio in the Upper Nile State previously.


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