May 26, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Nicole Long



These Haunted Shadows



Cataclysmic phantasm,

Lurking in the crook of mirth and grave.

Tickled pink, just to loom in obscurity.

Put the cuffs on; I’m here to stay.

I see it’s likeness in the rotting cemetery statues, Their daunt grins

crying out my name.

I catch the joyous whoops of carnal glee, Snuffing out the light I need.

Ascertain the hole is dug, and pour me in.

I’ve melted down my unhallowed sin.

I’ll leave you now; try not to howl goodnight.

This splendid beast, burrowed in me, has promised to embrace me tight.











Nomads harvesting wildflowers

The edge of a forgotten gravel road.

Sweeping strands of quilted opportunity Cherishing their allegiance to the


Wayfaring the stars

Daylight children

A rose dressed in thorns.

Roaming abandoned fields of peace

Sleeping in blankets of solace.

Lasso the rabbits for dinner

Soak up the rain for midnight

These gypsy dancers sing their life away








Nicole Long

Nicole Long’s work has appeared or will shortly appear in Ampersand Literary, Belle Rêve Literary Journal, and Exit 109. She is a graduate student, earning her MFA in Screenwriting and Film Studies, and received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Radford University. Her biggest influences are Poe, Frost, and Joyce.


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