2019: They Will Come Again

May 31, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Amore David Olamide

The year of the next Nigerian election is swiftly impending. We are going to be treated with more humour. It is palpable with no apparent lie that in 2019, they will come with their pre-adventurism.

They will come with a plethora of brooms waving dust to the spit of their dubious saliva. They will come with rice beans and other mouths prompting goody-goody to lure the votes and enthusiastic minds of these masses. Some will come with umbrellas decorated in unadulterated regalia of the Italian flag; with the zeal of calling their blazon “power” in spite of the “flaws” at the core of realism.

Their tactics are in stock of negotiations now, and their imageries lie in the heart of dubious strategies. These perjurers in civilian apparels will leave their children in Babylon and come to put the verve of their citizens at stake. Nuclear weapons and Molotov-cocktails will be discharged to some patriotic hooligans to slash themselves for the realization of their aspirations; and they will pleasingly watch on TV this scenario of vandalism with frenzied zeal; by “laughing out loud” at the imprudence of Nigeria’s people.

It is very accurate that their flagellative rigor will perpetuate with an unquestionable audacity to incapacitate these people once again with an approach of toadyism. They will come with disintegrating food that are well packaged, and will conspicuously dish them on the table against the cracking spoons of starving citizens who have to justly follow the regimented protocols of these political rogues and devour every serving of food at their own risk. We have been enveloped by this dogmatic saga and we need a clear focus and strife as tendency, to fully unseal ourselves from the pranks of their plagues.

Today we can perceive the scent of opprobrium here and there; in the course of their “wayo” campaign, when they explicitly declare their priorities and later debarred it in a wayward circumstance. We hear their aphorisms of the State and community sympathies that are said to be installed; which later turn to an elapsed policy. Nationwide sanitation said to keep Nigeria clean, has littered her nooks and crannies. The act of preserving the independence of the Central Bank has rather made them needy. Their said promise to make Naira comparable with the United States Dollar has been forbidden. They pledged on social welfare, they sprout on payments for the poor; they sprout on free meals for students and free education for their conveniences. They spring on free medical care, establishment of provincial development agencies, and creation of new jobs per annum for citizens, encircled by other extravagant promises. But after emerging elections and after being avowed in; the implementation of any of the campaign’s promises becomes illegal.

We have been forced to live under harsh conditions of undomesticated hardships. There is no reason whatsoever why Nigerians should linger suffering in abject poverty in the midst of prosperity in our much-loved country. This country surpasses the old Mesopotamia district that’s said to be flowing with milk and honey. Nigeria is indeed, flowing with super milk and honey, but our leaders, our governors, our senators and other legislators in different categories are fast milking it dry. Our governors and political division will fly to California and various other world capitals for holidays. They live with blind sight and dumb ears, despite how obvious and piercing our suffering, like the biblical “Mene Mene Tekel Urphasin” that’s audible to the blind and visible to the deaf. But I ask myself: Do they care?  Do they really see us? They don’t I guess. They need not our unequipped schools and hospitals for their children who are already in various world capitals. They don’t need our “I pass my neighbor” generators to provide electricity for them. They use bureaucrat vehicles, eat official foods, and live in official quarters; they even bath with official waters. Hahahaha! They are just too blessed beyond aptitude to see the public’s misery.



Apparently, we saw them coming thirsty, before we offer them our lambing keg of wine and later, they will ungratefully return our drained keg of wine because it’s our keg of wine. They can’t replenish it with champagne or cold duck. We have experienced some scenario whereby an irrational ignorance aspires for a post on different occasions. We have heard about those who know not what politics immensely depict, with their logical capability double-dealing beneath the sod of irritation, leading the governorship pursuit of political movement. We can all evoke the scenario of my oga @ the top; when a whole chairman of “NSCDC” went on firing bullets at all dictions of literary cylinders. We are not unacquainted with another one in the days of Bakins, when the interviewer asked him where mineral possessions were in his state. He reciprocated by saying; “Habah! In my state, we get am for fanta, we get am for milinda, we get am for fanta cola, sina cola, we get am for coke.” A large amount of omelets were made of this for general consumption.

Can you still remember that vocal and animated politician in Ibadan who was asked how he would stop numerous students’ unrest if he became the governor of Oyo State? And he comes back with this: “Aaah!” “students like; to rest?” “Students are not supported to rest.” They are to read their books day and night.” Are we going to discuss the illiteracy of our ex first lady, that time after time ruptured jaw with some lexis of uncomplicated vocabularies? “Chai there’s God oo” and so on. We can’t continue with this policy and expect betterment in all ramifications. We need our indigenes that are well grounded academically and resourcefully—people who would be able to build the required buoyancy in them with sincerity and proper executions.

2019 will definitely be the same; A scenario of jiggery-pokery. The magnum opus of deception will be deployed to the outclassed citizens. Their customized bogus clothes with their political festivites’ label will once again be dispersed to the needy arms of the masses; all for the purpose of purchasing illicit votes from them. Their inherent laden will come again like we’ve seen before, because we are all blameworthy for the foundation of this dismaying issue; that we are not ready to input period to the ongoing consternation. We are fond of advertising our liberty to the dime of their pockets and they are ready enough to maltreat our autonomy without concerns of tangible scruples. We all bear in mind in the preceding election before this; when we unwisely applause and treasure a name called “Goodluck” in spite of scrutinizing the goodwill that comes along with it. We went so far by canvassing this name with gallant honour; instilling it on the signboard of our teeth’s articulates; forgetting that there was more for the nation than delicate dealings.

2015 we came back yet again amid equivalent guidelines; by chanting change and “Sai Baba” in mantra here and there, instead of violating the assiduous risks ahead. Today, we intrepidly declare in a “slanguage” of our compassion that; “Who say baba don epp?” forgetting that we grounded our misfortunes and will for long live to see Nigeria cruising for a way out.

I asked myself a question: if Nigeria is actually blighted that it cannot get the right guidelines to address these revolting circumstances? Why can’t our leaders reflect while in office only to be out of office with no impact but unworthy lamentation? When will all these arch enemies be a forgotten chronicle? When would we stop firing ourselves catapults of treachery and heal the foregoing scars, to again display our vigor? Questions I keep asking myself and every citizen that seeks to see a better Nigeria.








Amore David Olamide

Amore David Olamide,  is a revolutionary columnist and a poet that writes literally in parabolic style, orature genre and see scenes in epical dynamism of traditional epilogues, eulogies and captivating artistic poetry, in coded fashion.


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