June 1, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Mark Cleeford L Quitoras






I feel like the most handsome guy

because of your beautiful smile

At the onset I thought you are kind

because the way you love me is one of a kind

My impression is incorrect

You are kinder, something that I didn’t expect


Parenthood is not easy

but you make it look easy

every time you play with our baby

I can’t help but to say lovely!


Mozzi brings us happiness

his smiles and dimples are the best

but I feel a little bit uneasy

I’m just afraid that you might neglect me

but everyday all my stuff is ready

Oh my gosh! this makes me look silly


Now that one year is done

I know that there are plenty to come

creating memories with you

honestly, that’s what I love to do











The first time I saw you

I thought you are too good to be true

I saw the goodness of your heart

and I said to myself I should start


Everytime you pass by

I don’t want to say goodbye

Everytime you flash that smile

The world stops for a while

and by simply ogling at you

I’m wishing you say I love you too


You are so humble

That makes you more admirable

your countenance is overflowing

That makes you more captivating

all guys are longing

because to be with you means everything


Everything about you is beautiful

you remind me that all creations are wonderful

Mom said: “Marry someone who is kind”

I’m so lucky! what I got is someone of a kind


Language is not enough

to convey my love

but the fact that I’m doing this

it means that I’m deeply in love


Your surprises are killing me

I always feel I want to pee

Your sweetness is from honeybees

the way it stings me is so lovely!


Indeed! you are a rare find

and I’m so proud that you are mine

having you as my partner

now, I’m geared up to live forever


Marrying you

is what I want to do

Let us go to the temple

and both of us say I do.









Mark Cleeford L Quitoras

Mark Cleeford L. Quitoras is a full-time researcher-writer of the University of the East, Philippines. He is also a part-time professor at the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of English. Aside from teaching, and has inclinations in poetry. Also, he writes research and other academic write ups. Presently, he is working on his dissertation titled “Research Management of Higher Education Institutions: Creating a Research Culture”.


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