June 3, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Nicole Surginer






Reality is dead, cold and stiff in the ground.

Murdered by greed and mute conscience

We watched as they drug her to the stake

Averted our eyes as she burned

Turned away as they tossed her out with the rubbish


We marveled as denial took seat upon the throne

Oh how ignorance is a much lovelier sight!

Calamity is silenced to the corner

as the spotlight showcases vanity.


We feed fortunes as the children starve

Hoarding ego as they waste away

We drown out the weeping of the mothers

Flowing tears fall silently to the earth

As her baby’s breath falls still.


Bombs fly crumbling hopes and buildings

Laying the helpless cold and bare

We build more extravagant homes

The land is scorched, the desolate thirst

We fill our pools and water our plants


On bleeding feet the hopeless wander

Tattered rags bare sun ravaged skin

Our closets burst at the seams

We wear sunscreen as the world Simmers

Worship beauty of the flesh while our hearts wither

Relish luxury while countless lack necessity


We have forgotten love, compassion’s very core

True beauty lies in the giving heart

Peace is found in reality’s embrace

We are our brother’s keeper










Nicole Surginer

Nicole Surginer is a poet residing in the small, country town of Lockhart, Texas. She currently has pending publications with anti-heroine Chic. She is constantly finding inspiration to write through the enchantment in nature, the passion to create beauty with words and the desire to express powerful, raw emotion.


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