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Kathrina Jung

Kathrina Jung



Alexander Balcoba



I  Like The Way You Are



Your eyes talk to me

Your smiles speak to me

Your face reminds me, and it says

I Like the way you are


I admire your simplicity

I adore your humility

I love your honesty, which tells me

I Like the way you are


I imagine you

I dream of you

I think of you

I like you, the way you are


My admiration is lucid

My emotion is pellucid

My words are mellifluous

Because I Like the way you are.








Cold Night



In the midst of the cold night

There was something I made right

I realized how bright life is

In my heart really there is


The flowers were dancing in the garden

When thing went unbroken

I felt there was something in me

In my life I would want to be


In the midst of the cold night

The water in the river was bright

My heart was so light

When things in my life went right


The trees into the woods were waving

Dancing with me and singing

Telling me that there was something

In my life I was dreaming


In the midst of the cold night

I stood up with pride

The breeze of the wind was proud

Praising me with no doubt










Alexander Balcoba

Alexander Balcoba is a faculty member of the University of the East, Philippines from the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of English. In 2014, he started working as a Researcher-Writer under Special Non-Teaching Assignment. He obtained his Master in Language Teaching in 2006 and Doctor of Education in 2014. His interest in research inspired him to write different and collaborative researches. Some of his papers presented  internationally are: “E-learning program in English:Basis for Redesigning Instructional Material,” (presented in Singapore) “University Belt Consortium Initiatives Towards Research Sustainability,” (presented in Malaysia) and ” Higher Education Institutions (HEIs): Challenges on Research Sustainability” (presented in Cambodia) and “”Employable Skills of Information Technology Graduates in the Philippines,” (presented in Kamloops BC Canada).

Dr. Balcoba is also an associate member of the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) and a regular member of the American Studies Association of the Philippines (ASAP).


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