June 14, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Tommy Ingberg



Rajesh Nair






The stairs are built for a reason

Stand below and gaze at the upward journey

Hills were meant to be climbed

A few would have accomplished the feat


Walk in style for you have the courage

Strength would embolden the passage in time

The road less travelled unravels ahead

The drum beats distant are so close now


Stand up to move further uphill

The crowd below is now on top

Waiting to join hands in muse and rhyme

The band is yet to play for the dance to begin


Craftsmen will still role models out

To catch the awe of imagination galore

For none can erase the feel of the heart

Time would enhance further the thought begot


Kindle the feelings to grow wings

It’s better to fly than to walk

Destination does not move an inch

For we are the ones who move closer


Getting stuck is all in the mind

Push it harder down to rise above

Nothing gets built in a day

The night waits to receive the sun shine













That which starts would definitely stop

When there is life, death is certain

Die to live the dreams of the soul

To entertain ourselves and the world alike


Fear more for certain when expectations rise

Need to perform, under or above as deemed

The stream would always flow from high to low

Row against the current to fully ignite


Obstacles may roll down to push you down

Evade or climb over to remain unbruised

Right or wrong, the percept be bold and strong

Wither it out for seasons do change


Patience and resilience, the twin siblings

Join hand in hand to the tumultuous travel

Believe in yourself for trust comes from within

What you see is an offshoot of traits myriad


A deep breath and a pause amidst the sojourn

Would cool down the relentless machinery

When engaged does not stop until command

You have over your feel and emotions multi


There is no other place than where you are

You get here all what you seek for

To think it’s impossible, is a trick to lament

That you missed the spot because you weren’t serious


Come, have fun because you are a limited edition

This is the very same place where joy was born

A light mind carries an effective brain to use

Relax, be cool so that your thoughts are refined


If you are able to do what is being said

You stand a better chance to qualify the worst trial

Because there is none who can judge better

Than you, yourself the supremo.











A man trod on the centre of road

Neither dumb nor deaf when found

Caught attention in sunlight broad

Moments of anxiousness yet to be told


Multitudes screamed from the front and rear

Surprisingly close to knock down the man so dear

Nothing would deter the man with no fear

Distractions or diversions could not change the rare


Every step forward was taken so clear

All opposed gave way and turned back to the fair

All followed the man well to care

Ideals of the man so clear and bare


It takes courage to lead the way

Clarity in aim brought  followers at bay

He who holds the light in the darkness may

Show the path to all others dismay


The determination today so few could be found

Followers are many where leaders present not sound

Sounds become noises when depth unprofound

Figure does cast a shadow so low aground


The unusual catches the eyes of all

Difference in approach stands the way tall

To ride in the wave of inquisitiveness is the call

To better the place for it’s still not a fall










Rajesh Nair

A seasoned professional with 14 years of diversified experience as a Commissioned Officer in the Indian Navy in the Executive branch (Hydrographic cadre) encompassing meticulous survey operations, planning and time management, resource management men and material, Data compilation, Training and welfare, Relief operations, Safety and security aspects, Men, Material and Crisis management and also as an instructor of Indian and International Naval officers in the National Institute of Hydrography.

On exit from the Navy being absorbed in the role of Chief Security Officer in a Public sector, an undertaking for the past five years, and has a flair for poetry writing, animal care and save the planet campaigns.


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