June 14, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Silvia Grav



Nicole Surginer



Dust to ash



I am worn, breathless, depleted

For there is no break in the battle

Nor treaty for a moment’s rest

Discord rules my world

The moon cries blood

Toxic air clouds the stars

My soul feared the darkness

The coward has fled

My afflicted mind broke loose

Desperately seeking solace

Scattered my thoughts in the ruins

Oh my desecrated heart!

How iniquity ravaged her

Ripped apart at the seams

I lay wrecked in the sand

Sightless eyes swelled shut

Pummeled by savage scenes

Thirst for peace, a bitter taste

Numb lips chapped the words

I can no longer speak

I surrender my brokenness

to the madness of war

Bleed dry to the bone

Smear my dust in the ash











Nicole Surginer

Nicole Surginer is a poet residing in the small, country town of Lockhart, Texas. She currently has pending publications with anti-heroine Chic. She is constantly finding inspiration to write through the enchantment in nature, the passion to create beauty with words and the desire to express powerful, raw emotion.


  1. Ron Cash June 28, at 02:52

    This absolute gem grips the reader and drags on one's heart Brilliant!!


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