June 16, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel



My mother



who watched me all through the night,

And prayed that I should never die?

Who sang me songs to laugh,

and beat me for my inappropriate acts?


My mother

who bought me candies and chocolate,

and in cold times gave me clothes to cover my body and legs?

Who brought me close to the breast,

and made me tap; health,wealth and sense?


My Mother

who taught me never to settle for less?

Who taught me to always go for the best?

Who taught me how to care,

and gave me a heart to bare?


My Mother

who lit the candles on the darkest nights,

When heat and sweat wants to take away a young lad’s life?

Who told me fairytales on that shining moon light night,

and with happiness I smiled,


My Mother.

Thank you for the times you slapped rudeness away from my life,

thank you for the moments we shared and more to be shared,

thank you for your advice, today they made the man,

thank you for your company glittered those times with beautiful smells,

thank you ..









The pen



All hail the pen,

all hail her ink,

For every strength spent,

For every night she thinks.


The shoes she wore yesterday,

Now walk on marbles of words,

They rule like the wind in the rains,

Controlled by thoughts.


If wisdom would be a friend,

If love would have no end,

If suffering would bare no trend,

All this she writes endless.


She sleeps beside hope,

For a better tomorrow,

She walks in lane of imagined gold,

With optimism for our homes.


She never let the mirror,

Decides the future,

Because beauty is in the heart,

That is what she stands for.


I am proud of a friend,

I am proud of a gem,

If I think of my plights,

All I do is write.


Show me a man,

Who writes and smile,

And I will show you his ink,

That never gets finished.


Who is the pen?

You are the pen,

believe in her strength,

Sorrow in her end.


She is no God,

But mighty is her word,

She is love,

She is mightier than the sword.










The truth about life



Life holds so much to tell,

Of the truth that she bare,

Two things guild life’s sphere,

They are but birth and death


Some say its a journey,

Some say it is a story,

Some call it good and some fool,

But I call it truth.


Yesterday is gone,

A new day has come,

One truth about now,

Is that we can never live forever.


Reality is a friend,

Fallacy is our end,

A dream built on exaggerated wall,

Will one day grow old and fall.


Even the rivers wash away,

Even the sun dies everyday,

the moon is prone to dark ray,

Life like the irony of the snails.


Look the bird in the sky,

Sometimes they weary beyond their smile,

Look the penguins in the Antarctica,

Life says love who are.


I see blades, guns, arrows, spears very ardent,

They don’t fight themselves,

They are held by innocent men,

Used by other men in an incessant quest for leadership and wealth.


What you see is what you get,

What you get is what you learnt,

When you sow love,

Surely you will reap joy.


He who falls,

Should pick himself back up,

Only losers stay stuck to the floor,

Only winners fall but keep standing tall.


Beauty is beyond mere view,

Love is beyond men’s clue,

The face will one day fade away,

But the heart will live until we fade away.


The truth is just a lie to the wise,

But the lie keeps you crumbling until you die,

Face the world it’s in a piece of paper,

Face life before the day gets bitter.








Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel

Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel is from Nigeria and is the fourth child of a family of seven. He is aspiring to study English and literary studies in university.


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