June 20, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Soodabeh Saeidnia



Bloody heart



I squeezed your very heart

and finally it was in my fist

I could feel how cold it was,

how indifferent, how bloody

I could sense a piece of hardness

piercing under my touch

breaking under pressure of my rage

I threw up the hard part

Blood splashed over my face

my dress, my canvas

and your heart stopped beating

Then I sat still and figured out

how to make a seedless sour cherry Jam







Hard Decision



I made

the hardest decision in my life

“Not to see you again”

But everyday

I said to myself:

The last night

Won’t be TONIGHT










I was jealous of who

may read your name

on my heart’s wall,

so I scribbled it

on my left ventricle,

and scrawled it

on my right












Soodabeh Saeidnia

Soodabeh Saeidnia lives in NYC but originally is Persian. She got her Pharm D and Ph.D. of Pharmacognosy and has worked as a researcher, assistant and associate professor in the Kyoto University (Japan), TUMS (Iran) and University of Saskatchewan (Canada). She is interested in English literature and poetry, and has published a collection of her poems, ‘Words for myself’, in Farsi. Her poems have been published/accepted in “Squawk Back”, “Great Weather for Media”, “Indiana Voice Journal”, “Sisyphus Quarterly”, “Paradox”, “TimBookTu”, “Bobbling of the Irrational”, “SPINE”, “American Writers Journal”, “Tuck Magazine”, “La Libertad”, “Tiny Poetry”, “The Pen”, “352 degrees”, and PoetryNation. A number of her poems have been printed in the books “Where the Mind Dwells” and “American Poet” by Eber & Wein Publishing as well as “Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze” by Johnson Publications and Artistic. The first collection of her contemporary poems “Street of the Ginkgo Trees”, and also the newly released collection “Voice of Monarch Butterflies: Middle Eastern Anthology by Ten Poets from Ganges to Nile” are now on Amazon.

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