June 21, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ngozi Olivia Osuoha






Dazzling, crystal like a golden eagle

Young, green like a green eagle

Gentle, calm like a super eagle

Confident, relaxed like the big boss

Hopeful, lively like tomorrow

Keshi, you broke my heart.


You were better than an idol

Taller, higher than an icon

More conspicous than a beacon

Wider than a model

Wonderful like a citadel

The captain, the coach, the champ.


Your smile charmed defeat

Your courage shone on a glass house

You exhumed classy aura

None expected that you bow now

Our first world cup, you were there

Rasheed Yekini, Uche Okafor

A squad too unique to be gone,

Sam Okoye, Sam Okwaraji, Shaibu Amodu

A battalion too sophisticated to be conquered.


The flight of death crashed your fight

The plight of nature took your sight

The pain outweighs the gain

Yet the gain stampedes the pain,

A hole worse than a vacuum

An abyss so unfathomable;

You left in our heart.


Bore the cross of a boss with less loss

Shone dignity and integrity

Half mast flags, twenty gun-salute

Medals of honour, immortalization

All; some volumes and editions

You remain a statue and of monument

You shattered the domain of sports

Stephen, the football martyr.


I wished you became a sports’ minister

To fix the pieces of the glass house

I wished you became a soccer god

Or like adidas, puma and nike

I wished you became a better Bora

Or a mightier Clement Westerholf

I wish your wife never died

I wish you were never gone,

Left unannounced, unprepared

Keshi, you broke our heart.


More than a hero

Far, yet close like a friend

This tune of june

Heavy pain, heavy heart, heavy ink

Delta, Nigeria, Africa, the world

This piece is so empty

Because Keshi broke my heart.


My Captain, My Coach

My Boss, My Legend

You were a patriot so sound

A compatriot so resounding

If you still have eyes

You would see us devastated

We pray you find perfect peace

Stephen, a saint from his labour, rests.














Building beautiful castle

Writing wonderful epistle

Preaching amazing peace

Teaching confusing piece,

Singing melodiously to God

Living harmoniously to sword

Praying earnestly for doom

Hoping entirely for gloom,

Working assiduously on blood

Sweeping men like flood,

The book of quiver

The litany of fever,

Religion, angel lucifer.


Unkind to mankind

Ugly like a buly

Hater and cheater

Blindness for godliness

Wayward and untoward

Deceiver and betrayer,

Wicked and crooked

Protester and waster

Heartless and meaningless

Rebel and babel

Killer and destroyer

Harmful and lustful

Religion, angel lucifer.


Chained, a slave

Cuffed, a suspect

Locked, a prisoner

Bound, a captive

Stranded, a stranger

Hopeless and helpless

Wreckless and restless

Confused and conquered

Wondering and wandering

Guilty and unpretty,

Hunted and haunted

Taunted and tormented

Weird and absurd

Religion, angel lucifer.









Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a young writer from Nigeria. From a family of eight, including both parents she is the second daughter but fourth child. She read Estate Management and has some experience in Banking and Broadcasting.

She has published some works in a Liberian magazine, Ghanian news platform and an Indian poetry publication.

Many of her works have gone abroad for evaluation and publication. She wrote the longest poems/rhymes in the world, yet to be published. Writing is life.

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