June 21, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Steven Saillant



Ijalusi Samuel



Fulfilled Words



The entire front of your face

is what I viewed unobstructed

as I turn my heart slightly

to an unequivocal inside of you.


The colony you belong

The crown you wear

The crest you carry

The credence you lend


My soul cremation exercise

began with your credo

uttered with crimson lotion

that congeals in my nature


I have been dubbed

by dicey fellow

who gruff drivel

as my morale wiggled


Come and go

to tell those

who wires words wittly

that my words are fulfilled.









A Song In My Heart



I will sing

a song in my heart

of peace, hope and love,

of you and I.


I will sing

a song in my heart

an embroidery of emotions

entangled in fair feelings.


I will sing

a song in my heart

that the trees twist to

as their leaves waves.


I will sing

a song in my heart

in rhythmn of an high speed

heart beat racing in faction.


I will sing

a song in my heart

again and again and again

bringing your ears to the melodies.


I will sing

a song in my heart

and you will hear in your heart,

embrace and sing along.











Ijalusi Samuel

Tola Ijalusi is a writer who is passionate about poetry. His poems can be found on WORDS RHYMES and RHYTHM and was published in the 2015 31 Days of Poetry on EGC CREATIVITY. He writes from Ibadan, Nigeria and blogs at www.mrijalusi.wordpress.com.


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