June 23, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel






I have searched to the depths of the earth,

and I’ve found nothing as sick as death,

a man without a heart,

a man without a time,

he comes and leaves with a sign.


Oh death what good dose thou possess,

leaves your family, friends and loved ones in tears,

and smile becomes an enemy to thy face,

like a dream a man has no fate.


Oh death you find no love in change,

you are worse than just your name,

one thing pains me more,

the good die young, and the bad stay more than a decade,

our loved ones get an early lay to grave.


Oh! Why have thou no shame?

Why does thou choose to bring pain?


But! sometimes you bring joy tears,

and you grant some wishes to get an eternal rest,

and sometimes you teach us to get prepared,

so we live our lives without grudge or hate.


Everyman has a role to play on earth,

love and passion is what we possess,

live in peace and quarrel free,

find joy in every good deed,

for death comes without regret.












You said you would tell me a story,

When you turned and left me with nothing,

You said you would come back with plenty of money,

Today all I have are your pictures to keep me warm in the mornings.


Mr soldier I can’t count how long you left,

I still see the prints of you boot behind your steps,

The grin of an intelligent young cadet,

And the will behind the arms you used to wipe my tears.


Mr soldier come fight my desire for your arms at night,

I know you are now adept with guns and knives,

I wish you were here to watch me stare at your eyes,

But you are not near while I sob with your heart.


Your promises I wrote on a clean sheet in my heart,

I carried your words all day with pride,

‘I will be back’ you said,

‘I will be back’ you left.


I salute you my soldier,

You left to serve your country without fear,

You are my pride for life,

You are my soldier in this fight.













when my heart was cold,

my flaws went bold,

my treasury was sold,

friends turned and said no,

i needed truth untold,

change with a ‘new’

a night dark and blue,

with stars playing with much confidence and crude,

i needed a friend to talk to,

someone who reads my eyes,

who studies my sad,

who share in my plight,

someone with the attitude,

with an aptitude,

an aptitude of halting solitude,

a natural soluble,

that night i found you,

that blue night i was intoxicated,

i spoke in the tongue of cyclical,

i crunched on them with much selfishness,

i bathed in the rivers of foolishness,

i was not myself,

in the mornings were mad calmness,

in the evenings were calm madness,

i felt the proximity of a friend,

my fall has just begin.

My words;

when darkness show its ugly side,

all i could do was cry,

when my heart was rough and dry,

when the desert was cool and ripe,

who cheered me up all through the night?











Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel

Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel is from Nigeria and is the fourth child of a family of seven. He is aspiring to study English and literary studies in university.


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