June 29, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Wale Ayinla



a river nearby



i have not been to heaven

but i know that it is a river nearby

that needs to be crossed

with swims and baths

in its sweetened waves.


heaven is bliss.

it is a state bereft of law

that carves life into folds

like my grandfather’s wrinkled shirt

worn on august occasions.


my grandfather’s palms

are a river nearby.

they are freedom in a miniature

island of nothingness,

like a bliss of itself.


freedom is the climax of bliss;

a pinnacle of life’s mountain.

it is an ocean

that drowns me in its depth

till the sun comes visiting.








Wale Ayinla

Ayinla Olawale Joseph, aka Wale Ayinla is an undergraduate of Mass Communication from Nigeria. His works have been published on several blogs and online magazines. He is known for his equivocal command of the English language. He has also written four plays which haven’t seen the floor of a stage nor the pages of a book. He believes that poetry can regain its lost glory through the zealous and persistent youths of now. His written poems are innumerable, making him one of the greatest writer of the 21st century you would love to keep on your radar.


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