June 30, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Tommy Ingberg



Peter Magliocco



in other words



There are times when it’s best

to turn from the cold winds

of inhospitable fortune.

Looking for true meaning

in the eye of the storm

might not be a good idea,

& there are too many hurricanes

just as there are too many

senseless words shouted out

each & every day

into the teeth of the ordinary

morning maelstrom …

Are a million curses more obscene

than one text photo

of bombed hospital victims

in Afghanistan?

Nothing is truly sacred

or repulsive any longer

in a world of trepanned

attention spans & dead muses

on the electronic half-shell

of your muted mobile cell.

Can you still hear the ring-tones

they’re waiting for, on Mars,

Mr. Trump?








Ghost Voyeur’s Dance



Reshaping the world with gyrating feet

until the crowning dawn squeezes

slow light past shadow,

he dances nude

in some aboriginal ecstasy

police fail to understand.

He dances at midnight on the Vegas Strip

for tourists capturing his cellular image

fuzzily emblazoned within neon

multi-colored lights

his shut voyeuristic eyes fail to register.

His resurrection from a nearby street

spins beyond crude hip-hop dances

on the memory mind drugs of choice;

his genitals flop as fools gold nuggets

before the lights blink out everywhere,

before Tupac’s tongue emerges

in moonlight to sing again

as a disembodied snake mamba:

“all life is a gangsta love shot

for the last shadow of light REBORN …”










Peter Magliocco

Peter Magliocco writes from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he’s been active in small press circles as editor and poetry scribe for several years. He has recent poetry in DEAD SNAKES, THE NEGLECTED RATIO, PYROKINECTION, THE BEATNIK COWBOY, RECORD, and elsewhere. Previously a Pushcart Prize nominee, his latest poetry book is Poems for the Downtrodden Millennium, from The Medulla Review Publishing. His sci-fi horror novel SPLANX was published by Cosmic Egg Books (www.cosmicegg-books.com) in 2014.


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