Why the South Sudan peace agreement will never end future wars

July 5, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Dukhan Jundit

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLM) / Movement In Opposition (SPLM-IO) and the South Sudanese government will never bring an end to the current war nor prevent future conflict.

In 1972 the same Peace Agreement was signed between Anya-Nya 1 and Sudan government but the agreement had failed because there was no trust amongst the politicians and the public’s demands and future were not put at the top of agendas that were addressed. This was why the 1972 peace agreement failed.

Likewise in 1997 the Khartoum Peace Agreement was signed between the South Sudan Independent Movement led by the current first Vice President Dr Riek Machar-Teny and Sudan government.

Unfortunately the leaders of the SSIM/A had deserted the leadership and rejoined Omar al-Bashir‘s National Congress Party.

This was caused by the Sudanese government when it started dividing the rebels movement and disowned the agreement. Likewise the Comprehensive Peace Agreement will follow the same route if the following are not implemented:


1 – Willingness of the party to work together for betterment of the Nation

2 – Work strictly on the CPA documents signed in August 2015.

3 – International partners and communities to support as they signed on the aforementioned documents


If not implemented, even the current structure, formed as Transitional Governments of National Unity Government will be disowned as was the case in 1997 by the Sudanese government.

Another reason which may lead to the failure of the current Peace Agreement in South Sudan is the tribal Jieng council of Elders. These are the very people who created disunity in Sudan between politicians and dismantled the South Sudanese movement.

The policy of twenty eight states will also bring a great deal of conflict in two months time if the states are not removed and reinstated to the original ten states.







Dukhan Jundit

Dukhan is a freelance journalist in South Sudan having contributed to numerous publications and worked as News Editor for InterNews Radio in the Upper Nile State previously.


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