July 8, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Jason Howard



Nikki Anne Schmutz



The Weight of Flying



Birds scatter from the branches,

brisk wind makes them uneasy –

rain drops cause them to find shelter.

I don’t hide.

Unlike the birds, I grasp the branch –

climb higher, until the limbs

barely hold my weight.

Here, in the lofty nest of needles –

I imagine I can fly.

The rain becomes the tears

of humanity,

and my heart, the weight

of the world.










Nikki Anne Schmutz

Nikki Anne Schmutz is a published poet, novelist, produced screenwriter, freelance poetry editor, and author of Open Soul Window, In Speaking of… A Poetic Journey from Dark to Light, and Found, a novel. She reads poetry for her YouTube Channel, Perfectly Written Pictures and lives in Utah, USA.

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