July 12, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Vickie Zisman



Where mind goes to sleep



When you’re asleep, what’s your mind do?

I asked a friend of mine

I guess it shuts itself as well, he said

And drifts into Sublime


It moves? I quizzed, how can it be

It’s just a mash of cells

Electric circuit of neurons

It can’t go anywhere


It goes to rest

And each cell beams itself into the Whole

They lay tranquille and idle there

Recharging consciousness


Your mind repairs to Source of All

To cradle of the US

Translucent Power, Home of Stars

The Cosmic waterhole.


It sucks the energy of Nus

Collective stem of Life

So when you wake up at the dawn

You’re reborn new alive


Each morning when you greet the day

With all your Self refreshed

Just be aware that all this bliss

Is by your mind possessed









My Kittie Cat



My kittie cat jumped on my lap and said:

Why don’t you scratch my chin

While you at that I will collect

The thoughts that are within


My fingers running through her fur

Extracted blissful purr

Her eyes closed shut and she reposed

Submitting evermore


Her velvet paws just slightly twitched

In tandem with her dreams

I thought, she must be chasing birds

Or mice, as it would seem


Her furry slumber on my knees

Exuded gentle warmth

That spread across my soul complete

Inviting me to doze


I joined my cat in realm of dreams

And ain’t it a surprise

After a game of hide and seek

We both are chasing mice










Vickie Zisman

Historian by education. Corporate communications professional – by vocation. “Holy cows” in management & life slayer – by choice. Highly allergic to self-righteous hypocrites, universal moral preachers et al. Incurable, politically incorrect, cynic. Mad cat-lover. For further clarifications – you can always leave a comment on my blog, visit my Linkedin profile or connect with me on Twitter.

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  1. vickie1 July 12, at 14:06

    Almost me...LOL! There is no black witch cat by her side..:(


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