July 18, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Oki Kehinde Julius



Trigger of Revenge



leave me,

let me pull this trigger of revenge,

on the forehead —of horror’s angels

who made my parent swim through the flood of blood.

leave me,

let me percussion the melody of this gun to sing;

to the ears of liquidators

who forced papa’s legs to dance

to the talking drum of death.


at a tender age,

i became a helpless orphan,

who gloried under the roof of beggary and starvation.

at two, they made mama’s saggy nipple

became taboo to my wretched tongue,

choosing Julius berger’s bridge

as an abode,

when papa’s house had been dilapidated into a parallel foot mat.


mama’s sacred back

i craved as bed, on that fateful night;

when the sun had gone to sleep

leaving the mantle for the moon and stars of galaxy.

echoes of guns

was the banging hands

that banged our tattered door,

till this coward doors became shievering

and fear woo its consent

to open itself ajar.


i pleaded to them with my loud lament,

since the only language i used to communicate then, is to cry.

in cruelty, i saw how their bloody bullet

travelled into the sacred bossom of papa’s belly,

leaving mama, to suffer the plague of blood pressure,

till oxygen finds its escape route out of her nostril.


who will preach the sermon of mercy to me?

when my parents were forced

to answer the clarion call of death

and eat from the ghost

the bean cake of fatality.

who will fire the catapult of beckon to me?

when i was made to eat the spicy bread of miseries

and drink the mishap water of tears

with cataclysmic cup of calamity.


forgiveness, is what the creator forgot to write

on the dictionary platters of my life,

when he was baking my clay into shape

in the haven —of heaven’s cradle.

mercy is the tale, my hacken ears will never listen to;

even after i will have finished turning their homes

to the catchment of cemetery

and crescents of graveyard.

hold me not,

for i want to pull this trigger of revenge.









Oki Kehinde Julius

Poet Oki Kehinde Julius is a renowned and prolific writer who hails from Okitipupa, in Ondo-state Nigeria. He is currently an undergraduate engineering student and a Christian by faith.

Okilux, by poetic name is a spoken words artist whose prowess performance has mounted the boundary of difference between him and other slam performers. He has won laurel in both spoken slam and page poetry. He won the “MOST INFLUENCIAL BEST POET OF THE YEAR 2015” from “Paragon Poetry Contest” in addition to being inducted in 2015 into the “Communty Of Thought And Society” and awarded the position of Writer1 in the League.

His work has featured in both local, national and international magazines and was shortlisted among the Top 30 page ‘Poets that rocks’2015 by BLACK PRIDE MAGAZINE. He was also nominated by TUCK MAGAZINE, among the 168 Writers of 2015 with poetry, article and fiction.

He is currently holding the position of Writer1/Media Officer at CHRYSOLITE WRITERS TEAM and as Moderator at Literary Planet Poetry.


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