July 20, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Patrick Aventurier



Bijay Kumar Show



Insane White Elephant



Again another day,

Horrible and shameful,

In the history of mankind;

By some group,

Perverted and coward;


They used me, like an

Insane white elephant;

Approaching madly towards

The crowd of people;

Returning after the

Annual celebration;


Then the bloodshed went on;

By ramming the crowd,

Along the pavements,

And a pedestrian zone too;

Making people scream and,

Went down like ninepins;

Leaving the area strewn with bodies,

Including several children too;


Debris flew randomly,

Making it mayhem;

Lonely doll was wandering,

In the midst of it;

People were looking and running,

For shelter desperately;


I am now standing with multiple

Bullets with my tyres burst;

Trembling and shivering in horror;

With my body becoming pale and cold;

Yet, I still cannot forget

The panic in human eyes and

The screaming of dying people;


But I wonder, the driver,

Sitting inside me and their group,

Seem not to have heart or

Sensitivity to perceive human pain.










Bijay Kumar Show

Bijay Kumar Show from Durgapur, India has been teaching in the National Institute of Technology, Durgapur for 8 years. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Engineering in 2014. He likes to spend quality time with family and is an amateur writer with little experience and aspires for excellence.


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