Corruption and its unending stories in our society

July 28, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Ogunniyi Abayomi

A single act can disrupt, destabilize and disorganise the human group, organisation and race within the boundaries and walls of our society. The act rages in our minds with the persistent desire to neglect the rules, procedures and processes to an objective before implementation in the name of greed and selfish desire.

Corruption, a social menace that fades our identity away from the sanity of who we are to the insanity we never envisaged along the realm of existence. The turbulent crises that enrages our activities are the results and rewards of swindling and an unconscious attitude our leaders fail to tackle towards the welfare of the masses.

Our cities and urban areas are densely populated with individuals roaming across suburbs and pedesterian pathways searching for innocent and responsible people that fall to the prey of their illegal act. The bitter stories of robbery and loss of properties are practically glaring in a society of unemployed people as a result of our distablization and disorganisation within the labour market, public and private corporation and the civil service.

Bribery and the swindling of public allocations, salaries and resources among individuals occupying political positions raise more doubts over the orientation and education of accountability among our people. An age long battle disrupting the identity of our nation, we are no longer observed as people of value and culture, rather we are seen as rogues and con artists across the continent.

This act dwelling within our communities, public offices and federal ministries is the demon tearing our society to shreds by the negative and myopic mindset of the people. We are blindfolded by the riches acquired illegally, living in the remnants of poverty tales of misery we share in a derelict and abject state of defeat over the act that decays our society.

There are various challenges we abscond in society that enacts individuals to carry out the act in the name of survival. Are our people economically empowered? Are there jobs that would ensure the ordinary citizen can survive without stealing?

The high rate of illiteracy and the poor state of education in our society contribute negatively. Policy sometimes formulated are against the proletarians and yet we insist we are fighting against corruption.

The incessant killings and unjustifiable attacks on the innocent are neglected by successive governments. We tackle the charges of top political officials which is fair if proven guilty but it is rather unfair when the masses die in the rage of violence.

Corruption would be history if only our mindset was positive towards the masses leaving aside the selfish agenda for selfless service to build a democratic state.










Ogunniyi Abayomi

Ogunniyi Abayomi was born July 11, 1991 in the city of Lagos, where he resides. A poet and essayist whose works have been published in various journals.


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