DRC national election process begins in North Ubangi

August 3, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Darell Maurice

The new province of North Ubangi is currently at the centre of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s national election. The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, CENI, Cornelius Nangaa Yobeluo on Sunday launched the operation of identification and registration for voters in Gbadolite, the capital of North Ubangi.

“With this launch, we can say without fear of contradiction that the DRC electoral process has indeed started, the experimentation phase that allowed the gauge of quality of equipment assigned to this operation was a success.”

The CENI President called on all Congolese from the age of 16 to enlist, even if they do not vote on election day.

“This operation takes ninety days, three months in North Ubangi. In the coming days we will publish the timetable for the electoral registering operations and the electoral calendar,” Mr Nangaa stated . He also said that the operation launched in the North Ubangi District “Will not stagnate. It will gradually expand to other provinces (for the) next operational area.”

“Enrolment is an interprovincial competition, inter-territorial and inter district. If you enlist more you will have more elected officials at the national, provincial and local councilor levels,” he urged.

Other political actors, civil society and the UN spoke at the ceremony. Deputy Special Representative for the UN mission in the DRC, Mamadou Diallo said that “The recruitment is a time of reunion for the Congolese, whatever their political opinion to prepare the elections in which they all participate and entrench democracy in the DRC. It is important as now everyone can join. CENI has given 90 days in North Ubangi. We must respect this, North Ubangi is the electoral capital, this does not mean it will be the first to achieve 100% enrolment. It’s a challenge.”

Me Leonider Azanz-NgamaIl, a candidate for the electoral district of Gbadolite, said “I came to my base to boost the population of North Ubangi to appropriate the operation of enrolment and voter identification. We will, today and tomorrow need this electoral register. I’m here to provide reassurance that this operation has the support of citizens in being enrolled.” He also called the people of Komudu, Wakamba, Nzanza, Molegbe, Mogoro and Mangundu to follow suit.

A representative of civil society and member of the Commission for Civil and Electoral Education Awareness said “We call on donors and technicians who claimed their start-up support for this enrolment and identification of voters to assist the Government of the Republic in sacrificing to provide the means so that CENI can work successfully. We want the contribution of international organizations to be effective. As for the Congolese people, this civic activity belongs to them. As a civil society, we mobilize for the elections to be democratic and peaceful.”









Darell Maurice

Darell Maurice is a Journalist based in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital city Kinshasa and works for Canal7kintv.


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