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August 3, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

david trood

David Trood



Tanvi Bijawat

From a cocoon to metamorphosed butterfly… every stage had its own tale, a riot of memories on a merry go round spree in my heart and mind on this day as I blow away my 20th candle with one voice humming in me ‘It’s my life’.

I still remember when I used to sit next to dad in the car with a steel plate, using it as my steering wheel. And sleeping in ma’s lap, waking up hearing papa’s bike horn, running to hug him.

To look in a kaleidoscope, listening to my own laughter ringing in my ears. When my clothes had a better taste of what I had, from a toothless smile to measured smiles for selfies, it has been a roller coaster ride. Good decisions, bad decisions with a few real friends throw in from a roly poly toddler to a calorie counting girl, I have had it all.

I have been a queen throughout (at least I have that feeling ) because today when digit ‘one’ is going to be replaced with digit ‘two’, I feel a conqueror. The galore of fun as a child, the free spirited zooming around on bicycles, the hordes of Barbie dolls and my miniature kitchen sets, this now replaced with a real life kitchen, but the little girl still recites in me reminding me each second that it’s my life and I can still and will still go for everything that I want with a child-like unrelenting zeal and learn with ardent curiosity, questioning any and everything; sit still with a sulky pout if not paid attention to, break into mirthful laughter with the smallest of something because it’s my life and I’m the director, editor, scriptwriter, and actor.

The change of digits in my years do not alter me. I can be a baby of two and the next instance I can be a rational, smart girl of twenty, because I choose to be. I still look at the shimmering stars in dark nights hoping to see a shooting star, because even if I grew up, even if time kept on healing every one of my scars, what could not knock my innocence was this heart which doesn’t change, which beats at every age, which is holding onto memories whose lub dub sound is giving me directions to reach zeniths of my life.

Because at the end what matters is what I shaped this sole life gifted to me. Because yes, I proudly say it’s my life and falling and rising, with ups and downs, with laughter and tears; each day I am holding a grip on my fears, telling them it’s my life.








Tanvi Bijawat 

I am Tanvi Bijawat, a journalism student. I did my schooling at Delhi Public School Varanasi. My hobbies start with writing and end with a platform where my writing gets an acceptance and appreciation. I aspire to become an author whose strength is the pen and emotions … my writing revolves more around youth.

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  1. Asif khan August 23, at 04:41

    Your work speaks volumes of the kind of woman you are – efficient, organized and result-oriented?


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