August 12, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Andy Spyra



Akinola Sesan



Erect me a nation



Erect me a nation

The dead framework of a pandemonium

Toothache of a feebled old woman

Heaven behold the wild wind waves

The angelic demonic eyes

See all the nefarious acts

At my folly

At your folly

The insincerity of a black race

Cain’s Immortality sin

My Abel’s innocence

Green white carpet stain with blood

My Nation’s pride and beauty gone

The earth sucks her blood

The earth curses

The ancestral curse of my old heritage

Who will save my green white Niger sea-shore

From high centigrade boiling point

Magnificent fish swollen up and stinks

Who will purge the curses of the Land

The antoment of my motherhood

At Calvary blades, thunder roared

Outburst of hell; the lake of fire

Swallows my citizens

Just like graves swallow souly bones













I sojourned

I arrived

A stranger

And not a visitor

In an unknown Land

In the Land

Are slaves

Bonded by chains

And fed with vinegar

A miserable Land of thorns

I arrived

Thistles choked me

In the Land

Hunger strike

Bruised. Breath ceased

I arrived

As a stranger

In heroic strength

To make a difference

In a battered Land

I strived

With the wild forces

The beast of the Land

Who made life

Miserable for all

At the end

I remember where am coming from

A stranger in an unknown Land









Akinola Sesan

Akinola Sesan is a committed and unconventional writer with many years experience. He has many unpublished collections of poetry and plays to his credit. He is a playwright,¬†theatre adminstrator, poet, novelist and critic. He is the author of “Poems of Metaphysics“, an E-publication on Amazon. Some of his plays have been performed at the department of Theatre arts, University of Ibadan, Osun State University, Ikire Campus and Akinyele local government secretariat, Ibadan. He lives in Ibadan, Nigeria.

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