August 17, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Lee Friedlander



Ken Allan Dronsfield



Hood of the Spineless Drivel



whips of black spatter dark skin in blood

time moves on like a drunk garden slug

terror in the night, nooses swing on oak

burnt crosses hot as white hoods dance.


land meant to grow, plant dead in rows

hallowed minds are shallow in icy piety

given no reverence or primal empathy

graceless matter to a mindless patter


cotton, melon and okra now planted

above the graves of the persecuted

murder at night, forgiven on Sunday

regrets be that of the spineless drivel.








Carousel of Lies



Round and round the liar goes

of dust to dawn and back again

crowns of briers, throne of nails

tell us a tale of the orange whale.


King of lies, speak in fiery breath

one more story of the raw untruth

cast away all cares, until icy death

contempt follows from early youth.


Burn in Hell, you savor the flavor

flames lick cheeks, burning tongue

carry a dare into the devils favor

Carousel of Lies you dance upon.








That Hazy Impression



Bar stools creak and groan like my bones

a shot sits waiting, number 8, I’m very sure

a night-owl lush within icy faceless crowds

spirits help to forget, but who really cares

many thoughts of love creep in and out

desires seem cold, wanton lust dreamer

a sudden breeze clears all my thoughts

the scent of perfume and wine drifts by

essence of female genes waft in the air

like the smells of honey buns on Sunday

in a wink, she’s gone, like an express bus

one day I’ll get a number, yes another shot.









Ken Allan Dronsfield

Ken Allan Dronsfield is a published poet and author originally from New Hampshire, now residing in Oklahoma. He loves thunderstorms, walking in the woods at night, and spending time with his cats Merlin and Willa. He is the co-editor of the new poetry anthology titled, Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze available at Amazon.com. His published work can be found in reviews, journals, magazines and anthologies throughout the web and in print venues including: The Burningword Journal, Indiana Voice Journal, The Literary Hatchet Magazine, Belle Reve Journal, Peeking Cat Magazine, Dead Snakes,Bewildering Stories, Aquill Relle, Members Anthology, Book 6, Literature Today, Volume 5, Poetic Melodies Anthology, Creative Talents Unleashed; and many others. His poetry has been nominated for Best of the Net for 2016.


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