Where Do We Go From Here?

August 22, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Ifeoluseyi Ifeoluwapo Ifeyemi


Should a beautiful bride be taken for a ride?


It is no news today that Ondo state (a place of pride) seeks the hands of a new steward to tend her herculean affairs for the next four years, as the incumbent steward would soon relinquish office.

Yet, a logical mind must not only listen to the news of these bride-like engagement proposals of aspiring stewards on social media but a critical questioning of what would become of her if she’s handled by the wrong hands. Hence, reasoning through questions like “where do we go from here?” enlightens the mind of a politically conscious person on what to think and do.

Perhaps, this popular question “where do we go from here?” still confounds your cognition, allow me to demystify its intended meaning(s). From time immemorial, a mind reflecting and redeeming question has always been the crux of any major shift from one era to another, when the former experience exudes errors and horrors or a not too likeable memory-such which explains the disdain for the soon to be gone administration, which on its final lap had the citizenry of the state singing sadness of so many maladministration, most especially “financial castration” – a picture of people feeding from hand to mouth even when they are fully employed by the structures of government.

The emergence of APC as it is popularly called as against its full meaning- ‘All Progressive Congress’, brought about a paradigmatic shift from what governance used to be like under the whims and caprices of the PDP to what it is now. The fight against corruption among other mantra(s) of the party speaks volumes as touching the image of the party. Yet, a hand picking of aspirants by the political warlords within the party has not only extinguished the passion of youngsters with wonderful ideas to contest under the umbrella of the party but chased prospective progressive persons. It must however be noted that APC of late conducts primary but still secretly hand pick their flag bearers in all political endeavors.

Interestingly, the battle for Ondo’s hand in marriage by many prospective aspirants not only strikes critical thoughts –as it has never been this struggled for but describes the picture of so many suitors (the good, the bad and the ugly) seeking for the consent of a rare gem in marriage…….little wonder our bride is called “a place of pride.” However, as said earlier, the issue with this historic proposal is the presence of colourless, visionless, old and purposely bald politicians who are, with the zest of by all means seeking Ondo’s hand in marriage.

Whereas, I do not nurse the notion of zoning, as to the norm of shifting power from one geo-political zone to another but the idea of electing the best aspirant. A critical look at the personality, pedigree and passion of some of these aspirants would not only answer the puzzling question quizzing our minds – “where do we go from here?” but navigates our thoughts to the most capable, affable, reliable, passionate, efficient and purpose driven steward. One who would not only wipe our tears but cry along with us in trying times. The likes of Baba Adekunle Ajasin and Adefarati would better explain my thought.



Here is a case study on each of some of the major contenders, starting with the white regalia senator, Robert Ajayi Boroffice whose ship is anchored on the north senatorial district of the state. Senator Ajayi Boroffice is, to say the least, a leaf in the wind reflecting a beautiful sight yet being tossed here and there by prevailing political situations as nothing is certain about his destination, not to talk of how he got such wings to fly in the first place-borrowed office. However, my displeasure of this man has nothing to do with his faceless fame but his people’s opinion of him as being tight fisted – I don’t even know if he gives to himself. I got this assertion as a result of the fact that I schooled in his axis – Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko. It must also be noted that this man is old news trying to refresh our memories with the staleness of his pedigree.

My second stop would be central, picking our erstwhile commissioner for justice and attorney general of the state Eyitayo Jegede – flag bearer of the PDP. Mr. Eyitayo Jegede is a technocratic aspirant no doubt, as he has excelled in his chosen career. The issue with Jegede is the fact that he lacks two of the most obvious traits of a gubernatorial aspirant – right motive and vision, and if he has these two traits, they certainly will be that of the incumbent governor, who in a bit to maintain relevance found himself a loyal subject. Motive, for the purpose of lucidity is the rationale behind our actions and in actions as logical beings and vision is priceless idea(s) nursed with the depths of our hearts. My question for him is with the position of influence, affluence and power he held, how many indigenes of Akure benefited from his success and can be counted as famous figures in our milieu society today?

Also, is the colourless Segun Abraham, a business mogul who, alongside Boroffice, dreams of becoming our governor. The concern I have as touching Segun Abraham is of what face and colour he intends to give to Ondo state? Alas! One can only give what he has.

Following the emergence of Olusola Oke at this late hour to catch his ticket for the governorship position, I’d like to strike a chasm between him and another visionary, astute and passion fired up aspirant Mr. Oyewumi Boye – politically known has ‘Agbajowo’ from the same senatorial district with him. A business mogul and technocrat – with youthful strength and fervor, touched by the situation of things and the undying love for his people. Really, Oke tried greatly when he ran against the almighty Mimiko –the political Maradona of our state, but then he lacked something called substance. If my memory serves me correctly, Oke and his fellow legal practitioner Rotimi Akeredolu, known as ‘Aketi’, had a serious flogging from Governor Olusegun Mimiko. With every sense of sincerity, Mr. Olusola Oke is like an old wine trying to find space in a new wine skin. Whereas, the contending aspirant is like a new wine waiting and struggling to find its freshness cocooned in the new wine skin. It is also important to note that Oke has flirted with every accessible party to satisfy his urge that I wonder if his plans wouldn’t change in trying times if he is elected Governor.

Finally, I would like to bring to your understanding a false fact, that states: “youths are the leaders of tomorrow.” Ah! it is a fallacy of the greatest order for we continue to recycle the old order of politicians. One thing is certain; we are the starters of the change we all are clamoring for. And if we don’t act now, the nonsense then continues. Fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, I wish above all things that you enlighten your hearts to understand the fact of Agbajowo.










Ifeoluseyi Ifeoluwapo Ifeyemi

Ifeoluseyi Ifeoluwapo Ifeyemi, is a young and prolific writer with lots of depths. He hails from Yaba, Ondo town, Ondo state Nigeria. A graduate of his state university, with a degree in Social Studies Education. He is currently serving his country as a corp member (NYCS). He has written lots of poems to his credit, to read some of his works visit his personal blogspot.



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