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It is ‘a given fact’ we are all intrigued as to who Banksy is and I am even more curious than most for a different reason, but will probably never know the truth.

On Google Search there is voluminous detail about the character known just as Banksy, the artist. If he chooses to paint an image on a wall of your property over night then the following day, such a painted image will most likely be worth more than the property itself, even if it means demolishing the rest of the building or house just to sell the section with the image thereon.

References and rumour infer Banksy is Bristol based and he may well be so located.

What I am confused about is that when I attended a particular school somewhere else in the UK, I sat next to a boy who was a gifted artist and he had a ‘signature’ image he enjoyed painting all the time. So far I have never seen that image painted by Banksy but that said, my class mate had the same technique with felt pen on paper exactly the same as the Banksy Silhouettes. In those days all these aspects were rare. He and I were chosen to join the editorial team of the school newspaper, he as the artist and myself as the writer. However, my Parents’ vocation took us to Guernsey – almost an article in itself.

If the Bristol Banksy is indeed somehow connected to my school friend, is Banksy the Grand-Father or Father of Banksy? – perhaps my friend moved to Bristol as I moved to Guernsey.

The fact that one image from those school days has never yet been used by Banksy may be deliberate to preclude identity or is purely accidental.

Due to my love of art, and the fact I enjoy painting also, it was intriguing when I visited a photostat shop in London recently to notice, whilst I was waiting in a queue, that a gentleman (and lady) were having copies done of a small art portfolio which I immeditely recognised as art produced by Banksy because of its style. The art itself and the construction of the portfolio (unusual in itself), had the bearing of original template images for replication.

I deduced, given the evidence, and the demure of the older cultured couple, that it was quite possible that I could be in the company of Banksy himself or his inner circle as the portfolio of art was new to me and perhaps copies were needed for secret distribution.

I asked the couple “Oh, that looks like Banksy’s art.”

“Does it?” came the reply, thus trying to infer the gentleman “wouldn’t know,” but contradictory when one realised the evidence.

I told him of the above class mate but did not tell him the boy’s name.

It was not long before he said

“Nobody knows who Banksy is,” then he capitulated “well I do, but we are sworn to secrecy.”

After he left the shop the assistant could not recall the name the gentleman had given him.

What puzzled me was the fact he did not ask about the signature graphic art I had seen at school. Why was he in possession of an original Banksy portfolio. His age group was the same as mine.

If I see him again I will try and ascertain his name in passing conversation to see if it matches the name of my school friend.

Very odd happen-chance as they say though!








Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing states of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short:

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