August 25, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION



Krista Clark



Country Girl



I stumbled upon some mud today, while making memories, with my new best friend.

His fondness for cold, wet dirt, just never seems to come to an end.


Squishy feelings arose in my heart, as we rolled around vicariously.

He might be small, but he is quick; he followed me, right up a tree!


Mommy’s probably gonna be mad, that we’ve made ourselves into such a mess.

What do you expect from a COUNTRY GIRL; I wouldn’t be caught in a clean dress!


Someday I’ll look back on this day, and laugh uncontrollably.

If not for times like this, how could I write poetry?







Trust Me



Drop everything; jump aboard.

Let’s sail the deep blue sea.

We’ll search high and low for magnificent artwork;

created by powers that be.


Imagine the majestic beauty,

never before seen by the naked eye.

Perhaps we’ll run into an angel;

soaring through the puffy clouds up in the sky.


Life is short and filled with turmoil, waiting for blessings to appear.

TRUST ME my friend, don’t hesitate;

you’ll want to take this journey,

each and every year.










Krista Clark

Krista is an emerging writer who is inspired by her life experiences as well as her desire to encourage and inspire others. Her main goal is to establish herself as a respected author amongst her critics and her peers, mainly as a rhyming poet. She takes great pride in being a Grandmother, giving a voice to the unborn and volunteers her time for many issues such as Melanoma & Breast Cancer Awareness.


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