How Bank Holiday options can aid the economy

August 29, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Hazel Speed

It is appreciated that many hard working people and carers deserve, and look forward to each Bank Holiday eagerly, either to rest or go on a mini break.

Even Christmas holidays affect the economy with ‘wind downs’ from early December to early January each year.

There are some who admit after spending the weeks around Christmas with one relative, or various friends and some within both groups who could be the source of great irritation, that on the whole, they would rather be back at work.

Some would never admit that openly though in fear of losing the enjoyed holiday right.

For many years now I have thought wouldn’t it be wiser to offer the option of deferment in lieu of a preferred date that may suit the person better. As long as one tier of personnel is working and the other on Bank Holiday/Statutory Holiday, this would help the economy by keeping manufacturing going (where feasible albeit in specific or limited areas in each plant), various warehouse, office, dentist, GP Surgery, Vet’s Surgery, Garage, et al. Also Banks (excusing the obvious pun).

Even if tokenism of sorts by way of inducement oiled the metaphorical or actual wheels, the economy would inevitably benefit, one could achieve serious responses from Councils rather than to be informed by all and sundry “oh nothing much will be answered now until after Christmas.”

What a waste of income, development, progress and reducing of waiting lists, etc.

Christmas is the time apparently of loneliness, calls to The Samaritans and, sadly, many suicides. Not everyone has families or company.

To be told at Easter, May, August that it is compulsory for all to take a Bank Holiday (whether they want one or not), has long been an out moded concept.

Everyone rushing to airports, or trying to get through the motorway holdups/backups of traffic, then after the Bank Holiday the return journey for all, etc. Totally riduculous for 2016. Historically these Bank Holidays had a different emphasis of reference as leisure and foreign holidays were not as accessible to all income levels. Work was hard and salaries comparatively low, plus each Bank Holiday was hard won so had to be safe-guarded.

Some Companies/Organisations have, in recent decades appreciated the value at the interview stage of hiring new staff to enquire, along with other considerations, if the prospective employee can cope better in winter or summer (hot or cold weather) and were they a ‘morning or afternoon person’, i.e. would the employer get a decent amount of work in the morning or does the interviewee have to build up/turn up in time for a good afternoon’s work!

For those who can quantify my suggestion herein academically based on relative data available, what would be the benefit financially to the Company, Employee, and Country’s economy? – it would be interesting to know.

It is now the August Bank Holiday in the UK – so perhaps those who decide policy in the various political Parties should hear of my suggestion and take note as God knows you all need some new ideas right now. I just hope my preferred Party, if they like my concept herein, will take note and include in a mandate asap.

Remember though, you heard it here first!








Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing states of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short:

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