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August 30, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

If it was not for the seriousness of the topic herein it would have been the source of a smile for those who voted for Brexit. The United Kingdom, apparently, would not ultimately be missed by the rest of Europe yet it will take the formation of an Army of Europe’s Collective States to replace us!

The UK has never associated iself with that aim to create one European Army but opted, rather to keep within NATO’s remit even though at times it seems an Agency without teeth but remains prudent nevertheless. After all, any military move has its consequences often unanticipated and unforeseen.

UNESCO is also there to stand, as far as it can, for the protection of the world’s intangible cultures and heritages.



Everyone knows that Scotland, at least as referenced by the Leader of the SNP and countless of their elected MPs, wants to stay in Europe and remove itself from any association with Trident, yet by default they geographically will live under its protective umbrella, and free of charge if the submarines move to England, plus the inevitable loss of thousands of jobs in that industry in Scotland as a result, the submarines being built, maintained and docked in England.

As I have stated previously, if Scotland achieves its aim (though it is etiquette when leaving an event to do so with the person who took you to same before swapping partners), and either somehow stays in Europe, or more likely rejoins if Europe accepts their application after the rest of us have left, (Northern Ireland’s requirements yet to be thought through re practicalities of the preference of no actual border between the North and the South, the North wishing to stay in the UK if the border issue can be resolved), then in the event of an Army of Europe, to whom will Scotland (and Northern Ireland even if it is against their will but for their survival may have to accept being subservient), give allegiance, a  European Army Leader of its inclusive States, or Her MajestyThe Queen? One cannot serve two masters, especially if said Army should want to invade via Scotland – not a new idea as we know.

Then Engand and the rest of any remaining constituent Countries of the UK will have to revert to a few centuries previously when it was necessary for the provision of borders between Scotland and England to keep out ‘invading forces’ –  Scottish and/or European Armies this time around too.

Historically, during the English Civil War a Catholic Army was made available to King Charles I at a cost/terms which were Treasonable and before it could be implemented, The King was arrested, tried and sentenced to death.

Again, I put it on record that I have part English and Scottish blood and many of my relatives fought in the Scottish Regiments during both World Wars, so for me it is sad to see the UK being inevitably devolved in this way. Independence of a different nature could have been achieved.

Then obviously Irish borders may have to be implemented for the same reason without at the same time damaging the peace yet respecting the rights of the North of Ireland and all UK surrounding Islands (Caveat re earlier paragraph herein above), Protectorates and Domions to remain part of the United Kingdom, along with The Family of the Commonweath.


Who will lead a European Army?

There are many unconsidered facets herein.

If an Army of Europe does emerge then one day there is a great possibility it will clash with NATO. Then what? ,and also their respective 3rd party group alliances.

How does America fit into this scenario? They have reverted back to France as their oldest friend, as like Scotland, they too are fickle with their love for the UK in this arena. They want to control/or have friends at Court to preclude Europe being a bigger Super Power than themselves one day and yet they accused Great Britain of being the Imperialists of history.

Well the West in general, once over (and often no doubt still does), would be in secret talks if an alliance of other Countries emerged in a similar way; potential threat to peace and what if they had a nuclear facility, etc?

At the time mass migration was taking place Germany took in the most saying initially they would be prepared to take in a million.

Compassion, one likes to think but I recall at the time that quiet comments circulated ‘would they be the first conscripts of a future Army’, whether for Germany and/or also seconded for Europe thus providing security for them and their Families in Germany and its neighbouring Countries, but in return, their allegiance was to their new home Countries and/or to the joint Nationhood and Armies of Europe. The irony would not be lost when one considers these poor migrants would have fled in the first place from a large power.

Therefore it seems Germany would once again be the prime mover so presumably the leader of European Forces would also emerge from Germany.

The United Kingdom is better away from this (when someone unlocks the door to let us out)!

Thinking through the German stance is this a case of paraphrasing the children’s story about little red riding hood as the phrase came to mind “Grandmother, what big teeth you have!”









Hazel Speed

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