Deference of certain law-breaking areas to Civil Law

August 31, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

Ian Waldie



Hazel Speed

It is not until a person may have reason to enquire with the Council or various Government Offices, Land Registry, etc, or even the Police directly that edification is provided they no longer become involved in certain issues anymore, whereas previously they may have done, even though the matter under question is indeed ‘breaking the law’.

This is a mix, probably, of funding cuts and resulting lack of required personnel with an understanding of the aspects concerning an issue and/or their empathy or lack thereof.

There was an expression used in stores years ago by lazy assistants “If we had it, then it would be on the rack,” when more often or not they did have the garment but it was reliant on the assistant going into the store room – trek to the outback!

All of the Officialdom referenced in my first paragraph above may concede “yes, what you are enquiring about is something which breaks the law/ illegal, but we consider it a ‘civil matter’ now which means any victim of the same has to go through a Solicitor to act on their behalf.”

It does not end there.

One can sometimes, but not in all cases, have that confirmed openly in email with permission to forward to the person guilty of the law-breaking but they in turn can similarly refuse to concede its contents also.

The frequency is quite breathtaking apparently within which one is told that ‘this’, ‘that’, or ‘other’ right one has is up to the person to pay for and prove via a Solicitor (a) if a person can find one who will take on their case (b) if their fee does not require breaking the Law oneself to raise the money for the fee and, (c) if the Solicitor is honest and not a serial thief themselves…

Perhaps members of the Public can raise a Class Action to claim back Local Community Charge payments on elements where negatation of those areas of responsibility defers back to victims who are now ‘Civilians in Law’ – the Cherry on the Cake being the lack of Legal Aid.

Also, similarly a claim should be made against the Government regarding payment of taxes to the Police along with the request of a publicly printed list regarding what aspects of Law Breaking are down to the individual to fight themselves incurring considerable costs, then we will see if Elections really do become a Civil Matter with a Capital “C”.

One last insult, do remember if any matter goes to Court and you lose, then the person who was breaking the Law in the first place can sue you for their costs- an aspect if removed from the Judicial System may actually result in the average Law Abiding Citizen attaining Justice. Punitive Damages in specific cases could still apply at the discretion of a panel of lay people.

Why do we celebrate the rights associated with the Magna Carta? Oh yes, the surfdome no longer have to prepare room fires for their Masters who own 100 room Castles – all done Mi Lad.








Hazel Speed

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