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September 6, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

There are many facets to the character of Nicola Sturgeon, as there are in respect of us all.

She is driven by her political and personal beliefs though the dividing line between the two is not as defined as it is with other politicians.

She is extremely confident in debate which hides any underlying nerves, at least most of the time. That said, it was apparent after her visit to Europe a while back that she had left empty-handed but with true political bluff she tried to show a positive stance, though we could all guess what she had been told.

Now Nicola Sturgeon has decided to embark on a strategy worthy of a tank commander deciding on a non-conventional flank. Great for her if it works but many think it will prove disastrous for her cause.

Is the time right for some of her rank and file to enter into “conversation” with the Scottish voters? The delay in Article 50 being triggered by The Prime Minister is, in general, (whilst justly annoying Brexiteers), serving a curious purpose as the Scottish people now realise that as they went to the European Party as part of the UK they have to leave with the present UK of which they still are a constituent Country (and that rule will apply before or after any divorce).

If, and when, Scotland does become independent, will Europe accept them into the fold? If it does, what happens if the political marriage is not a happy one?

The Pound is something which The Bank of England nor the rest of the UK will allow the Scots to utilise as a separate currency.

Inevitably borders of some type will be necessary, as visitors to Scotland may one day include foreign armies.

Do the Scottish people want to keep the existing association with The Monarchy, or will they discard that for any temporary Leader (or one day a possible dictator) of Europe, with the possibility of Scots being conscripted to an Army of Europe one day, even perhaps enforced religion and so forth – who can guess?

Despite all of the above I think Nicola Sturgeon is endeavouring to circumvent obstacles by this new strategy which is a rose by another name.

According to recent Polls, Brexiteer voters are stronger than ever and are keeping a vigil on matters in that regard but one senses a shift of mood with the Scottish voter who may wish longer to reflect, and need some respite from the independence issue.

It may be achieved, but not now and not in this way. There is no honour to take the plunge now and this way there is displayed a lack of respect for what may be the demise of the Union.

Custom has always been that when a Monarch’s Reign is ended through their inevitable death, a particular pronouncement is made, the last time being on 6th February 1952 and it was “The King is dead, long live The Queen”!

Somehow I sense the Scots are not yet ready to say that after Her Majesty The Queen has devoted her entire life to the Union, The Commonwealth, Protectorates and Dominions and has an Official Residence in Edinburgh and a Private home in Balmoral where she spends considerable holiday time each year.

What a slap in the face that would be not only to Her Majesty The Queen but to the history of Scotland and also the Scottish Covenanters who suffered for their beliefs which Europe could usurp one day.

Nicola Sturgeon, be careful you do not hinder your own cause. You are not sensing the mood correctly this time around. You will also lose English friends if honour is not within your portfolio. After all, many of us are children of marriages between the English and Scots. Step back and think again as now is not the moment and this is not the way.







Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing states of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: www.thepinkprofessor.com.

Art sites: www.candystoreart.comwww.terrificart.comwww.artbadges.co.uk.


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