Is it time for Brexiteers to march on Parliament?

September 8, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

Brexit means Leave Europe. That is what people voted for. One can leave a job, leave a Country, leave a party, leave a spouse, but cannot Leave Europe it would seem.

The people voted (whether or not everyone agrees, the majority agreed).

As already stated, has the Government got cold feet, because Mr Cameron did promise he would trigger Brexit the following day after the referendum if the people so voted.

He was shocked they did vote to Leave and did not have a Plan B for such contingency so in spiteful ‘child in playground way’ threw the Leave ball over the wall and it was caught by Mrs May who is waiting for another one.

Meanwhile this Great Country is the laughing stock of Europe, especially so by the French who keep asking (along with millions of Brits), when does Leave mean Leave? Europe has opened the front door for us and we Brits have our coats on and have said our ‘good-byes’…now it is time to go!!

As for Calais, if threats from the French continue, then shut the tunnel – many Brits did not want that in the first place, but ‘you know who’, did not ask – they wanted to ‘go down in history’, which would have been more honourably done by not splitting the Country – what they really have gone down in history for.

If this stall on Brexit (wanting the best of all worlds/nagging for further votes until the voters ‘get it right’), continues then UKIP/Leave voters may march on Parliament as, if this were happening in another Country, Britain would be one of many Countries checking into the legalities as to whether that Country was giving their people a fair vote!

For goodness sake, get on with it before one of us dies!








Hazel Speed

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