September 13, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Sjoerd Lammers



Rebecca Cherrington



Will you notice me?



The streets are cruel they don’t notice your tears

They just notice the model poster behind your ears!

You stay on the step with nowhere to go

People have no compassion to show

One day someone will notice me

The elderly man with nowhere to be

I had a family once upon a time

I went to war and now they’re no longer mine

I had some problems when I returned you see

The things I saw and did were so messy

I turned to drink and you can guess the rest

I ended up on the street with my possessions clutched to my chest

This is my story I hope you see

My hope one day someone notices me












Addicted to you

Don’t know what to do

Don’t want a substitute

I only want you

Can’t see past this

To quit is my loved one’s wish

Every night you set me free

Dangerously, slowly killing me










Rebecca Cherrington

Writing has been my passion for a number of years although I have only recently started putting it into the literary world. I have appeared in a few anthologies and have a book published on Amazon.

Apart from writing poetry I hope I am a mentor for many aspiring writers. I am also a blogger and have marked a strong presence on social media.

I also present an online radio show named ‘The Write Composition’ with RedShift Radio where I showcase talented poets and their works.

Recently I was awarded with prestigious prize by New York Literary Magazine poetry.


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