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Incongruity is a great way to utilise both the esoteric, eclectic, and lateral thinking to achieve results in most areas of networking, albeit socially or as a business tool.

The links provided herein may not, therefore, on face value at least, appear to share common factors but they most certainly do.

The philosophy of Sun Tzu regarding the diverse strategies he recommended in battle, how to avoid it, or what to do if one was overwhelmed – though his prescriptivism tried to preclude that eventuality.

One of my favourite sections relates to the outline of the different types of spies and how to consider their worth. Rather amusingly, it can also be considered as a type of shorthand regarding one’s own Family and Friends as it often matches the reader’s assessment.

The Famous Sandhurst Military Training College teaches the campaign strategies to this very day, and many books on Sun Tzu in business can be found online.

The diversity of items referred to herein, if collectively presented, (after being studied and analysed for their combined relevancy), constitute an ideal College Course.


Poker is the next obvious contributor. Whilst this card game still has a ‘bad’ reputation due to it being featured as taking place in dubious environments all the time, that merely judges the cliche (long out-moded) and not the game itself.

I actually know of one account where a person of Faith said they enjoyed a sense of a ‘blessing’ by attending poker games. No doubt if they mentioned the same, should they be a Church-goer, (and the two facts are not a tautological requirement to be a person of Faith), then I doubt the head cleric they may have would concede that a blessing in such an environment could possibly be facilitated. Wonder what Jesus would say?

Poker itself is unique as a game because its of its incongruity of elements – the hand of cards being dealt, extra ones acquired (legitimately!) throughout the hand being played, luck, judging your opponents and their ‘tells’ (hidden twitches, smiles, etc, everytime they read if they have a good or bad hand), betting and bluffing enough to throw opponents off the scent of what you may have.


After that, the wisdom from good old JR‘s philosophy back in the older days of TV when Dallas was such a hit.

I always liked JR especially during one series when he threw out great one-liners. One of his key enemies beat him in sealing a good business deal (albeit temporarily of course) and JR was being goaded about it, so he replied “even a blind dog can find an occasional bone.”

Although JR would have brilliant schemes planned, and if any back-fired he would always have a back-up plan which even the viewer was unaware of initially, but pleased to see. He is the only person I would want a job as secretary to. Her name befitted her job description, and bearing in mind JR often asked her to call in her Uncle, who happened to be a corrupt policeman, JR looked after her and she learned from the Master – turning the tables on him for a while!

Albeit a TV series, and not advocating the dirty deeds which JR got up to, it did afford a great business training guide as to Corporate strategies good or bad.


So can you begin to see how this incongruous grouping of philosophies affords some valuable education for us all, the common theme throughout being stratagem and weaknesses of human thinking and nature?

Sun Tzu shows us how to infer to any enemy that one has a huge army despite only really having a small force. His example reminds me of the wisdom of Solomon (who, incidentally was wise in asking God for that virtue as it encapsulates Justice within said conduit), then there is the skill and bluff of a poker game, knowing how to cope with what we have or strive for, adapting Sun Tzu philosophy in a game of cards. Many people often say that we each have to play the hand which life deals us.

It is no surprise then that both Sun Tzu and Poker have their complementary ideologies within business formats.

The sayings of JR really get one assimilated with the cut and thrust within business and especially huge Corporate structures. All useful when dealing with difficult individuals or pitching projects.

Did you know that even the text font, colour and size within emails secures the kind of results one requires?

One colour often ensures a prompt reply answering your points in the business way you may wish. Another induces calm and confidence and builds trust. The skill is knowing when to use each facility and to whom it should be directed.

All human intercessions may be honourable but many may not be so.








Hazel Speed

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Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing states of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short:

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