September 14, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Daz Smith



Kay Roberts



Who, What, Where, Why and When?



Who do you run to, when the pain gets hard to bear?

What do you cling to, if no one seems to care?

Where do you go, if life gets too much?

Why is it painful, to find a soft and gentle touch?

When do you let go, if you’re hurting inside?

Who do you talk to, if you can no longer hide.

What do you do, if you’re feeling alone?

Where do you disappear to, when you’re on your own?

Why do you shy away, when you’re in a crowd?

When do you let your anger go, if you need to scream out loud?

Who do you shout at, when you need a release?

What do you find, when you discover peace?

Where are you going, is it a place you like to be?

Why do you hide, your emotions from me?

When will you notice, the whole world isn’t cold?

Who do you turn to, when you need a hand to hold?

What pain have you been through, that cut through you like a knife?

Where are you going, on your pathway through life?

Why do you push me away, if you need me near?

When will you realise, I’ll always be right here?









What Is It?



What is it you think about, when you can’t sleep?

Is it all the things, that have made you weep?

What is it you dream about, during the day?

Is it to have someone around you, with loving words to say?

What is it you hope for, in your life?

Is it to have a day, that isn’t full of strife?

What is it you would wish for, if only it could come true?

Is it to have love, that’s passionate through and through?

What is it you desire, in your wildest dreams?

Is it to have someone to protect you, no matter the extremes?

What is it you yearn for, maybe something you’ve had before?

Is it to have a certain someone, you can cherish and adore?

What is it you want, as you carry on?

Is it to be happy in your life, when the day is done?

Whatever your hopes, dreams and wishes are, follow your passion,

Go and take it all, in splendour and in fashion.










Kay Roberts

I have been composing poetry from as far back as I can remember, it started as just a hobby and a fun way to express my emotions.

It has over the years become my passion. I cover most genres and endeavour to support numerous good causes such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bullying.

The majority of my poetry however, is based on my innermost thoughts and emotions. I gain a vast majority of my inspiration from every day life, the good and the bad. I constantly have words running through my mind, writing poetry my release.



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