Chinese Checkers; Hinkley Point and Brexit

September 16, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has decided to play a game of Chinese Checkers after all and entrust the country’s nuclear capacity with the aid of Chinese technology and other foreign elements known and/or as yet, unknown.

It reminds me of various movies where a group of people have to rely on each other in a dire situation but they do not really trust each other, therefore that aspect is supreme in their minds rather than the key task before them.

It is interesting when one considers the speed via which Trident was secured, now the deal with the Chinese, but we still await Article 50 to be commenced in respect of Brexit.

One can only imagine what any work environment will be like in this new alliance with the Chinese and each side will have their own fail-safe Plan B (one hopes, but going by Mr Cameron’s lack of a plan if Brexit did happen!).

Ironically, we may actually be safer in a strange way, but one can over analyse, which may give too much credit to the Government.

We will never probably know the truth about this particular game of checkers but at the end of the day all we can say is ‘but for Wales‘.









Hazel Speed

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