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September 19, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

The 56 relates to those who sadly lost their lives due to the horrific fire at Bradford City Football Ground in May 1985.

BBC Radio 4 have produced a most powerful drama and there are reasons why. Its introduction explains all so I do not wish my comments to take anything away from that. It is about the awful events on that day, and in that regard it unfolds the drama at various stages but once again, I prefer the listener of this link to realise why this account is truly unique.

The incident may have occurred decades ago but for those of us who recalled hearing the news reports, it seems like yesterday and therefore this radio programme should not be missed as it honours the 56 who lost their lives and it is important that they are never forgotten.

They were just going to see what should have been a football match, we must not forget in our thoughts their loved ones, and those who bravely tried to rescue people, as well as those who managed to escape as each just referred to carries their own form of real or emotional and mental scars of that day.

I implore you to listen to this link as in my view the participants throughout this programme, the radio crew and director have combined respective input to make this real life drama a poignant historic account which impacts the listener and moves any soul. This production is worthy of an award.

(Note: due to the serious detail within the programme the listener should ensure young children are protected from some of the detail. That said, it is up to each Parent or Guardian if and when they tell their children about what happened that day. When appropriate then it is a story which should be referred to and never forgotten, ever).

Our hearts are saddened to remember with respect the 56 and their relatives as we listen to this programme, as well as survivors and rescuers on that day. We must also never forget, as we owe it to The 56.

May they Rest in Peace.










Hazel Speed

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