September 21, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Sudhanshu Malhotra



Mousumi Ghose






Which mask I wear tonight

The one I wore on the sixteenth spring of mine?

The always smiling mask?


Or the one I wore on my wedding day?

The mask of contentment.


Or, I can also wear the mask of ecstasy

The one I wore when my soul was ripped apart.


I climb the stairs counting all my tears and sighs….

I decide not to wear a mask tonight.












He sat staring at the red bricked wall

The cafe once echoed the sounds of chirping girls

In the warm light of comfort

People enjoyed the finest broth

A desolate place

Now, as silent as death


He sat staring at the red bricked wall


The place now echoed nothing but suppressed wails

Amidst the stench of burning gunpowder

Motionless figures lay not too far from one another


He sat staring at the red bricked wall.










Mousumi Ghose

Mousumi Ghose is a poet from Calcutta, India. Her poems have been published in several local magazines and she is a renowned educationist and spoken word performer.


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