September 23, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Devesh Uba



Oshogbemi A E Peter



Unfaded Dream



We are strong enough to control

The privilege of the coming future.

Look at the grass and weigh not the

Seniority, Is found in our arm, which is

Carried as load.


Dry not waterless stream, one common

Worst situation lies on hand of sinner

Of the future, glory is not found in the

Head of a monkey, not sure, it still meat.


We are human,we are glory and an example of God’s work, wake up!

Our dream is unfaded. Point your finger

To the switch, then you find there is shining

Glory, don’t sleep on your dream, once

You sleep it will not ride, because it believes

In you as a driver.


Oh youth, destiny can only ride, not as your

Fletch, look at the face of the moon, then

You see it shine on glittery teeth, create a little space for better place,

Our dreams are not fake.









The Helen Of Our Troy

He who fights for the future and crown on the throne of honour is called the giant



The strong is faded on the greatness

Of might.

A knowledgeable character participates

In redound future,

Who fights for the expected diadem.


When thou sleep thence with our eyes

We dreamt the will,

What our anticipation inquires the several

League to play.

When thought the sleeping student to be


Cross us our neck with gold we pursue.

Wow! The coded crown will be shattered with

The palm of the wise.


No  matter the detained song ,will split

Out from the singing glance of the great.

Signs and wonder is founded harms of strong.

Mantlelate our belt with readiness.


Permit us oh lord!

To wrestle with herod of our future.

Who retains us with his local sentiment, show us

What we learn with the wilt.


Our stricted spirits have settled to inquire the

The frequent of the shining sun.

Out of our mood we will to play.

Strength feel the deep inner of belly

Jingled it speech of glory.


Who sent us known us! Out of faded and pale face

Beauty bestow.

Lead us now to pick the of grace to the land

Of our canaan.

With out voices to be the great.

We are helen of destiny,

Our city of troy, there will shall build throne

Of the strong.









Oshogbemi A E Peter

I am poet Oshogbemi A E Peter, a writer and preacher from Nigeria.


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