September 26, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Sudharshun Gopalan



Saru Pokharel






Little lass she was in the world vast and bad,

A purpose with her, huge dreams she had,

The stars she would watch shining in the sky,

Some at the top, some in her eyes


In the dearth of the world, she stood for the site,

She poised alone there for what that was right,

Timid she was when they left her for the light,

Aghast as she chose the path dark as night


The dark land of miff and huff and roar,

She stumbled and failed then got up from the floor,

They mocked and jabbed that she lost her spark,

But her mother once told, diamond glitz in the dark,


The more they hit, the more she shined,

The finer she turned, to the power divine,

They ran for pelf and lived in mere,

She walked on fire and drank her fear,


She woke on the dusk and slept at the dawn,

Now devil’s scared when she steps at the lawn,

Little she was when they shouted her name,

From the crowd of flashes, in the hall of fame,


Now crowds got big but same is the name,

The time has swapped, new is the game,

All were snugged, when she worked in faith,

To live like a legend and have a grand death,


When she was gone, the fliers they glide,

Earth lost her smirk and the sky cried,

They came back home, thought she was no more,

In dilemma and scrape, she bawled from heart core,


Now she stays in their mind and their souls to be mend,

That’s how she became a legend and lived till the end.










Saru Pokharel

Saru Pokharel is a final year student of B.Sc., microbiology, Tri Chandra Multiple Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal. She is an adept hand in both prose and poetry writing.


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