September 29, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Noor Khamis/IRIN



Habib Akewusola



Poli-tricks in Africa



I will strangulate malaria

Within four weeks,

Every corrupt king must

Become a convict,

The general hospitals would

Be equipped with club kits,

Education will automatically

Become free.


Rhythm of the motionless

Spitting impossible deeds

With a mind set of

‘No regrets’


My destiny has become artificial,

Pretty ones are sick

Ugly took over as famous



Convoy of infinity wagon

Exaggerated gown crowned with

A diamond bangle,

Hair coiled with shampoo,

Leather shoes, of the best cattle,

Scent transported from Arabian



You preach of a sparkling afternoon

Brighter than this candle,

Steady carbohydrate recently

Restructured my statue,

How do I believe you?

Consistent lies has destroyed

Your truth.


Fellow masses am speaking to you

With my vote let all critically choose.










Corn Tree

(by Habib Akewusola and Habeeb Whyte)



Framing riot,

Impunity on display

Well dressed scarecrow or idols.


Nothing changes

Just faces on currency

Just smiles on fiction


Forced unity,

Forced livelihood amidst agony

Germination of multiple fertile seeds

On a soil I never own nor farm on.


He breathes, for free,

Who’s fighting for we?

Albeit, we gave him freedom


Institute of korrupt

By force avenging a curse,

Lick my feet!

The uncommanded commander beckons,

My brother, endure, or you comot, shikena..


Media doesn’t sleep.

As korrupt fights back,

Tricks, venue a battle field,

Casualty are her avid readers

Dead is a believer.

Hope is buried.


So did my corn tree,

Never sight shores of a fertile island

She never grew to glory

The farming masters deemed so….










Habib Akewusola

Habib Omolade Akewusola is a graduate from University Of Ilorin, Nigeria. Called a social critic by colleagues, Habib’s poems have been published in major Nigerian dailies and scores of online literary platforms. His poems identify and speak about societal ills with appropriate solutions, likewise motivational and children’s poetry. Habib decided not to give up in poetry, as his poems have gone places his legs has never been and made the needed change.


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