September 30, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ieva Rasmussen



Under The Satellites



my house is rustling, whispering to me

sleepy tales of long forgotten ghosts,

old stairs gently squeak

under echoless footsteps of the night…

I sit alone up on the roof

and watch the opal eyes of stars,

as the world in comfort of imaginary closeness

is sleeping in a dream of lonely hearts…


pixelated love through wireless connections

reaches distant feelers of the satellites,

those slow contemporary shooting stars

revolving around earth in ancient skies…

come, make a wish, utter your prayers

into mechanical god’s deaf steel ears

forged in this deus ex machina world

inside the glowing core of neon night..


soft sob is weeping in the chest of pristine god

he’s dwelling in the tree of Yggdrasil

and shadow branches reach the starry skies..

afloat inside the spirit of Pierrot

behind white painted smiling mask of face

I toss my coins of silver thoughts

into celestial wishing wells

and dream of you under revolving satellites..









A Wish



Night air sings

Aerial song

Under the wings

Above me

High flying shadow

Of white crow


In midnight garden

Cherrie trees


Naked and cold

The fall of emptiness

Black snow


Soft voice of darkness

Whispers secrets

About migrating

Hollow souls

In spaces

Of realities unborn


Darkness sighs


And wanders

Tired shadow steps

Towards amnesia

Of dawn


About to fall asleep

In core of light

It calls my name

And says

I wish I could become

A star reborn


A white crow

Flys the night

While amber eyes

Reflect cold starlight

It croaks I wish

That I was born a swan











Ieva Rasmussen

I’m a daydreamer, a night thinker, a nature lover, an aspiring poet and a working single mother of two boys. As a 41 year old Lithuanian living in Denmark for the last 20 years, I’m influenced by both Eastern and Western European culture and spirituality in my writings, which I mostly share with readers on social media platforms. I write poetry in English, Danish and Lithuanian languages. I enjoy drawing too and have recently illustrated a part of the book “Chimes And Rhymes For Adults To Read For Their Children” from the Facebook group “Poetry Universe”, and have three of my poems in it as well. I’m currently working on another similar project. Poetry for me is the power of thought combined with the magic of words and a beautiful way to share the human experience.


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