October 7, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Renee C Byer



Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel






It burns the head and heart,

Constrained rage puffs the chest,

With a fisted arm,

Ready to wail away death,

Head locked in bitter thought,

Letting out the beast beyond words,

Leaving bare the soul to rot,

Momentarily one dies to lividity,

Like a troubled lava,

Bubbling with ugly beauty,

Set to descend her wrath,


As old as the waters,

As young as day,

As dark as night,

As blind as yesterday,

Disguised as braveness,

As strong as weakness,

Contriving thoughtless,

Thriving to reach emptiness,

inflicting great sadness,

like having a rendezvous with oneself,

Uncontrollably one dines,

Dining with inner madness,

Held beyond freedom,

Restrained away from wisdom,

10% vision 90% valour,













Let our love see in blindness,

You and me our light blind the darkness,

That we use to see that our skins are different,

In the rain, sun, let our love madness,

Die in our hearts and in her uniqueness,

All our distinctions are sentiment,

They are blind to say love is blind,

Love is her,

Love is me,

Love is our hearts,

Love is us together,

The moments we laughed,

Love saw through our eyes,

Love saw our beings,

Love sent us happiness,

Together we cheered,

Love sent us satisfaction,

Together we soared,

Love sent us peace,

Together we were avid,

Love sent us misunderstandings,

And together we grew to understand,

That love wasn’t blind,

Love watched from within.









Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel

Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel is from Nigeria and is the fourth child of a family of seven. He is aspiring to study English and literary studies in university.


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