October 7, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Jenny Santellano



Jenny Santellano



Winner Takes All



They bomb us

and we keep

the cameras

rolling as the

injured and dead


into the background

of their fake concern

for our well being


How many punches

do we have to take

before they call it

a tie or crown the title

on the highest bidder?


In exchange for the

withering of humanity

we get a fist full of their

filthy dollars in the form

of a tax credit or an extra

two points off some

millionaire’s mortgage


Make sure you arm

yourself, so you can

drop dead from a drug

dealer’s stray bullet

as some rookie cop

finishes sexting a sixteen

year old whilst stuffing his

face with his last bite

of a Krispy Crème doughnut


It’s a free-for-all in this

so-called free enterprise,

so make sure you take

what you can at the

expense of others


Let’s make America

fail again

Game on!










Jenny Santellano

Jenny Santellano is a poet who tends to muse about the darker side of human nature. You can find more of her poetry in various journals and e-zines such as Scarlet Leaf Review, Random Poem Tree, Section 8 Magazine, The Beatnik Cowboy, and Dead Snakes.


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