Mrs May’s coat of many political colours, albeit with patches

October 10, 2016 OPINION/NEWS




Hazel Speed

Mrs May’s keynote speech at the Conservative Conference was cleverly written, whether constructed by herself, a speech writer, or combination of both.

That said, when one looks at it closer there are some areas of her new coat ‘of many political colours’ that have distinct and necessary patches due to previous wear and tear.

First of all, the speech robs from the ideology of the political poor (Labour) to take back home for the politically rich (Government/Conservatives).

(Add cheap lining to Mrs May’s coat of many political colours here – perhaps yellow).

Then disingenuously it cries opportunities for all via one of its faces, yet with the other insists on a need for grammar schools with input from certain highbrow institutions to assist those less fortunate, thus ignoring the reductionist argument of one school for all.

(Add a patch there – Green the hue of envy being continued).

Mrs May then utilises the style and certain rhetoric previously adopted by UKIP.

(Imitation from a Party which won the Referendum for the People – let’s just say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and award a Purple and Lemon square for another patch in Mrs May’s special coat).

It has been quite amusing, however, that at last Mrs May gave Nicolas Sturgeon her answer, one which the rest of us already knew, in that as all of the UK went into Europe, then all of the UK will leave. It is a pity Mrs May had not said that from the beginning and also added an apology that Mr Cameron‘s ‘promise’ to trigger Article 50 the day after the European Referendum was not carried out – despite the fact we all know it was an empty promise as he did not expect the vote of the people to turn out as it did.

(Add a white patch to cover a huge tear here).

As there was no apology regarding Mr Cameron, why should one think Mrs May’s words are trustworthy either.

(Add a stitch or two coming loose in Mrs May’s coat).

I trust that Mrs May will ensure that the UK has indeed left Europe before any General Election takes place.

Her speech does raise a question or two though.

If she has always had the political views she outlined in her speech then why did she join the Conservative Party and then in high office previously, why was it we never heard of such lofty ideals being mentored by her either in public or between colleagues?

Phrases therefore come to mind:

New lamps for old, and playing to the gallery.

Fine words butter no parsnips.

For those of a certain age and generation it used to be common to hear uniquely said specifically about Conservatism that ‘I will never vote for them while I have a breath in my body’ or ‘They are for the rich, Labour are for the poor’. One still hears that remark on occasions.

UKIP, with a long hard road ahead at the beginning of their existence, finally achieved the impossible by gleaning disillusioned voters from both Parties, (Labour and Conservatives). Now UKIP has their own inhouse problems and therefore may lose some of their voters, Scotland’s SNP has taken all but one Labour Seat there (which may be temporary), Labour is predicted as being that of becoming a split ineffectual Party.

Mrs May may have delivered a rare type of speech for a Conservative and Prime Minister but that in itself could make others suspicious.

If things continue as they are then political implosion is inevitable across the board, albeit for distinct reasons, and either far right wing groups will emerge and take up the slack of the disenfranchised or people will abstain from voting altogether for the rest of their lives.

Coats of many political colours are a poor fit for anyone and especially incongruously worn by the Conservative Party who are usually far more punctilious about where they shop!





Hazel Speed Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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