October 14, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Dave Jordano



Paul Grams



City Life



folks next door and cross the way

since my wife left me on my own

important to me


and cause I so old educated white

mostly I hold my own in the hood

like communists should


so circumscribe us turfsharers

I hear most territorial species

singers or glarers


and when world pack us close like Cheryl

and Leo and all them in with me well

must kinda respect









Drunken Masters



jack kerouac

francois villon

li tseng


and the charles bukowski school


are you one

under the volcano


see I could tell how I vomited

from overdrinking

I count five times

in 1966 and 1967


and then again staggered

in 1977 and 1978


or I could write verse

offbold and halfbeautiful

being sober and worse











Paul Grams poetry Tuck Magazine

Paul Grams

I earned degrees in Linguistics and English Literature; I taught in the Detroit Public Schools, mostly grades 6-9, for 30 years; I ran scholastic chess programs there. I’ve retired to Baltimore with grandchildren. Two books of my poems have been published.


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