October 14, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Aina Oluwasegun Yakub






Ever since I became acquainted with my environment, ‘life’

has always been the center to all questions that linger on my mind.

To an extent, that I consider life to be unfair and unfaithful.

But to some, ‘destiny’ is the watchword.


Why would life strengthen the strong, when the weak is still down and out?

Why would life tear a heart to pieces when smiles and laughter are all for taking?

Why would life seize the breath of the innocent, when the wicked is still raging fire?

Why would life hold the prayer of the righteous, when the atheist is smiling upon answered wishes?


Why life would enrich the greedy, when the kind is well and alive?


Why life would ignore the struggles of the hopeless to listen to the bullies of the wicked?


Why life would be so uncaring and unloving to a child that was never fed nor carried by her mother?

To some it’s called destiny, but

to me… it’s treachery.









Aina Oluwasegun Yakub

Popularly known as “Soloh” by friends, Aina Oluwasegun Yakub is a poet from western Nigeria.


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